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AFY may refer to:

  • Adventure for Youth
  • Afyon Airport, IATA code
  • Afy Fletcher, cricketer on the West Indies women's cricket team
  • Afy Hallijohn, fictional character in the 1913 film East Lynne''
  • A vehicle model of Österreichische Automobil-Fabrik, an Austrian car and truck manufacturer
  • Acre-foot per year, a measure often associated with water flow equivalent to about 141 liters per hour.

Usage examples of "afy".

To-day, when Afy drove in, I asked Bag who she was, and he said it was his aunt, Lady de Courcy.

There is about Afy, in spite of all her softness and humility, a strange spirit, a cursed courage or obstinacy, which sometimes has blazed out, when I have over-galled her, in a way half-awful.

Lady Afy, and tell her how much I regret I cannot avail myself of her most friendly invitation.

The constant consideration of all around him, the affectionate cordiality of Sir Lucius, and the unobtrusive devotion of Lady Afy, melted his soul.

Urged by the information which Afy thinks she unconsciously obtains from Lachen, and harrowed by the idea that I am about to tear her from England, she has appealed to the Duke in a manner to which they were both unused.

Embarrassed, entangled, involved, he flew to Lady Afy, half in pique and half in misery.

His Grace had promised to return with Lady Afy, and was devising some scheme by which he might free himself from this, now not very suitable, engagement, when she claimed his arm.

Making some confused excuse to Lady Afy, which was not expected, he ran after the Baronet, and soon reached him.

Lady Afy, and to prevent her from suspecting, by his conduct, that anything had occurred, was most painful.

As for Lady Afy, he execrated the greenhornism which had made him feign a passion, and then get caught where he meant to capture.

I must get Squib to run down to Brighton for me: and Afy, poor dear Afy, I think she will be sorry when she hears it all!