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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Afrit \Af"rit\, Afrite \Af"rite\, Afreet \Af"reet\, n. [Arab. 'ifr[=i]t.] (Moham. Myth.) A powerful evil jinnee, demon, or monstrous giant.


n. (alternative form of ifrit English)

Usage examples of "afrite".

I overheard an Afrite whispering to a female Ghoul he wanted to seduce.

The Afrite seemed totally unconscious of the presence of his passenger.

I spared little time away from that book, and studied in it incessantly the ways and windings of magic, till I could hold communication with Genii, and wield charms to summon them, and utter spells that subdue them, discovering the haunts of talismans that enthral Afrites and are powerful among men.

There was no light save the light shed abroad by the flashes of the blade, and in these they beheld the air suffocated with Afrites and Genii in a red and brown and white heat, followers of Karaz.

But look out for the elves called cacodemon, afrite, deev, bogle, dwerger, pigwidgeon and flibbertygibbet - they can be very nasty.