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n. (plural of African English)

Usage examples of "africans".

VICIOUS BEES TERRIFY SOUTH Africans: 5 KILLED BY STINGS JOHANNESBURG, South Africa - Notoriously vicious bees, apparently irritated more than usual by hot weather, have terrified South Africans with angry attacks in the last six months.

Besides, Kerr planned to crossbreed his Africans to produce a more gentle bee.

In 1956 a Brazilian entomologist had imported African bees with the idea of crossbreeding them with Brazilian bees and creating a bee family as industrious as the Africans but as as the European bee.

Soon, having reproduced to the point of crowding, some Africans would swarm and settle in the wilds.

The Africans seemed to prefer trees for their hives, but they were capable of attacking an anthill, driving out the ants and remodelling the hill for themselves.

He bought a theory that even if the Africans came in, American bees would kill them the moment they showed in a hive.

The Africans are just as much the enemy of the A -- h- as they are our own.

They will mate with the Africans, enter the hives and do battle with the African queens.

The idea is that they will pass on defects to their progeny, and that their queens and drones will similarly breed and increase the defective population until enough Africans have enough bad genes to make them selfdestructive.

Further, these Africans have a tendency to abscond when the population grows.

The purer Africans, and their next evolutionary phase, the giants, would appear first in the wilds.

He had been querying breeders about their stocks - he did not want to buy Africans by accident.

Again and again the aroused Africans attacked with their barbs, lowering their abdomens and stabbing the wires.

Brazil farmers have been attacking the Africans for years with DDT and organophosphates.

He had tried working some of the smaller Africans with his bare fingers, and the painful result was concealed under gauze and adhesive tape.