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Usage examples of "afine".

Blatantly artificial, the Afines consisted of 19 deep, flat-bottomed gouges cut into the orbital floor, linked by many smaller, higher canyons.

The Afine Valleys were famous for the force of their regular high winds, the great, swirling columns of air that were twisted over on their sides and funnelled Antispinward down the great canyons.

Caravanersii packed balconies and ledges to watch, and the Afine choo population came out of the woods to greet them.

It had been here, in a small tributary valley feeding the deepest of the Afine canyons, that Manchester‘s mother Mirandar had coaxed the Three Women out from the living substance of Novagaia itself.

She grew afine, big, mixed-fruit bush, and they dined on red, green,blue, yellow, and black berries, all juicy and luscious.

She scattered her mother as flakes of carbon over the upper Afine canyons Spinward of Undine, as Mirandar had requested.

Then, seven of them made the journey, to a place slightly Spinward of Undine and 1,300 kilometres from Chapel Halls, to a mist-shrouded tributary valley off one of the major Afine canyons.

Fast water too, wind blown, always from the right: the famous horizontal vortices of the Afines hurling particulate water at the lumbering Trees with monotonous, directed regularity.

Outside, the Afines were stormy: she could hear the wind-blown precipitation rattling in irregular surges and remissions against the flexible Tree awning sealing the balcony.

Screaming and waving, I had chased after them, running straight down the middle of the street in afine of traffic, until my father, catching sight of me in the rearview mirror, had stopped the car, and Mother had runback to get me.

He'dproduced a small dish of paint from somewhere and waspainting symbols on one of the shafts with afine brush.