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a. (context obsolete English) afraid ''(used in at the turn of the''

Usage examples of "affeard".

Then full of griefe and anguish vehement,He lowdly brayd, that like was neuer heard,And from his wide deuouring ouen sentA flake of fire, that flashing in his beard,Him all amazd, and almost made affeard:The scorching flame sore swinged all his face,And through his armour all his bodie seard,That he could not endure so cruell cace,But thought his armes to leaue, and helmet to vnlace.

L Ike as an Hynd forth singled from the heard,That hath escaped from a rauenous beast,Yet flyes away of her owne feet affeard,And euery leafe, that shaketh with the leastMurmure of winde, her terror hath encreast.

The whiles faire Amoret, of nought affeard,Walkt through the wood, for pleasure, or for need.