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n. (cx debating English) affirmative; the resolution made by one group and countered by the opposing group's negative


AFF may refer to:

Aff (river)

The Aff is a river in Brittany, western France. It is a long tributary of the river Oust. It is canalized for between Glenac (its confluence with the Oust) and La Gacilly.

Usage examples of "aff".

I feared Moncrieff had killt Simon, and sae I set aff hame as fast as I could, unsteady as I was.

Hes stuffing his face, the wifie hates him and hes aff to see a shrink three times a week since his last suicide attempt.

Jeemie sud be on his k-nees til her this vera moment--no sitting there glowerin as gien his twa een war twa bullets --fired aff, but never won oot o' their barrels!

I heard him say--and the mother waitin' away aff there by the Liffey soide.

Wiznae in the mood fur eny nonsense, so I took a swipe at it with ma sord and chopt one of its wings aff.

He was well impressed when I says it was the Arthurlie, but I didnae want you gettin' big-heided, so I tell't him aboot you gettin' sent aff last week as well.

Next thing ah knew thare's this hissin and the sound ov arrers shootin past ma heid an skitein aff pillers an waws an the stanp flare.