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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
admire sb from afar
▪ Many girls fell in love with him but could only admire him from afar.
▪ Mary was still a good looking woman and Sid had admired her from afar for a long time.
▪ The long grass was so wet that I decided to admire the castle from afar.
▪ But not today, I can see that from afar.
▪ By Wednesday night, we could hear the sounds of cannons from afar.
▪ From afar, he saw the Mount of the Beatitudes.
▪ From afar, or even up close, the bridge is nothing more than a thin, unsteady shimmer of bamboo.
▪ One of the advantages of the belt is that the animals are easily visible from afar in the gloom in rough country.
▪ She'd distrusted him from afar, for some time, even before leaving London, before ever setting eyes on him.
▪ This burning, lighting up the sky, would be seen from afar.
▪ Yet the Master's mind reached out afar.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Afar \A*far"\, adv. [Pref. a- (for on or of) + far.] At, to, or from a great distance; far away; -- often used with from preceding, or off following; as, he was seen from afar; I saw him afar off.

The steep where Fame's proud temple shines afar.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

contraction of Middle English of feor (late 12c.), on ferr (c.1300), from Old English feor "far" (see far); the a- (1) in compounds representing both of and on (which in this use meant the same thing). Spelled afer in 14c.


adv. At, to, or from a great distance; far away.


adv. (old-fashioned) at or from or to a great distance; far; "we traveled afar"; "we could see the ship afar off"; "the Magi came from afar"


Afar may refer to:

Horn of Africa
  • Afar people, an ethnic group of Djibouti, Eritrea and Ethiopia
  • Afar Region, a regional state of Ethiopia
  • Afar language, an East Cushitic language
  • Afar Desert or Danakil Desert, a desert in Ethiopia
  • Tal Afar, in Iraq
  • Tel Afar District, region in Iraq
  • A Combo Rangers character
  • Afar (magazine)
  • Alliance for Animal Rights, an animal rights advocacy group based in Dublin, Ireland
  • American Federation for Aging Research, a private charitable organization
Afar (magazine)

Afar is a travel publication focused on Experiential Travel based in the United States. The company also operates a non-profit foundation providing scholarships for educational journeys for students. The magazine was launched in 2009 by Greg Sullivan and Joseph Diaz after a 6-week trip to India. Afar is headquartered in San Francisco, California and has an office in New York City. The magazine was featured on the Martha Stewart Show. It has received awards in the travel writing and journalism industry ( Lowell Thomas Awards). The magazine also has a website,, and mobile application.

Afar (album)

Afar is the debut studio album of Ice Choir, the project of former The Pains of Being Pure at Heart drummer and The Depreciation Guild lead Kurt Feldman. Released on July 31, 2012 by Underwater Peoples, it received mostly positive reviews from critics, with positive reviews highlighting Feldman's use of the 1980s influences and more varied responses applauding the cheesiness.

Usage examples of "afar".

Aye as I went, that maiden who had reared The torch of Truth afar, of whose high deeds The Hermit in his pilgrimage had heard, Haunted my thoughts.

Had scarce burst forth, when from afar The ministers of misrule sent, Seized upon Lionel, and bore His chained limbs to a dreary tower, In the midst of a city vast and wide.

She shrieked to the ravens that croaked from afar, And she sighed to the gusts of the wild sweeping wind.

To think how when I find this lucky star, And stand beneath it, like the Wise of old, I shall mount upward on a golden car, Girt round with glory unto worlds afar, While Earth amazed the wonder shall behold, That bears me unto happiness untold!

Bit Yakin, had come from afar with his servants, and entered the valley of Alkmeenon.

Elf-lords would ride at times, even from afar, for the land was wild but very fair.

Yet the tale of it is remembered still, for Thorondor King of Eagles brought the tidings to Gondolin, and to Hithlum afar off.

In time of winter and snow he forsook the land and grave of his father, and climbing into the high regions of Gorgoroth, the Mountains of Terror, he descried afar the land of Doriath.

And he saw her afar as leaves in the winds of autumn, and in winter as a star upon a hill, but a chain was upon his limbs.

There befell the battle of Huan and Wolf-Sauron, and howls and baying echoed in the hills, and the watchers on the walls of Ered Wethrin across the valley heard it afar and were dismayed.

He rode northward again with all speed to the Pass of Sirion, and coming to the skirts of Taur-nu-Fuin he looked out across the waste of Anfauglith and saw afar the peaks of Thangorodrim.

Angband he set him in a chair of stone upon a high place of Thangorodrim, from which he could see afar the land of Hithlum in the west and the lands of Beleriand in the south.

Bay of Eldamar, and the Teleri saw the coming of that ship out of the East and they were amazed, gazing from afar upon the light of the Silmaril, and it was very great.

Middle-earth beheld it from afar and wondered, and they took it for a sign, and called it Gil-Estel, the Star of High Hope.

And setting their course towards it the Edain came at last over leagues of sea and saw afar the land that was prepared for them, Andor, the Land of Gift, shimmering in a golden haze.