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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ At one point he was involved in research on the possible viral aetiology of human cancer.
▪ Despite the above measures septic shock, regardless of aetiology, continues to have a mortality of 60-90%.
▪ He made outstanding contributions to all branches of children's surgery but his lifelong interest was the aetiology of malformations.
▪ The aetiology remains unknown, but much circumstantial evidence suggests that immunological mechanisms are involved in the pathogenesis.
▪ The possible role of dynamical transitions in the aetiology of three neurological disorders will now be considered.
▪ This component of overproduction may therefore be an additional aetiology to that of the clearance defect described above.
▪ To provide an aetiology is not to pronounce on matters of authenticity.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

pathology \pa*thol"o*gy\ (-j[y^]), n.; pl. pathologies (-j[i^]z). [Gr. pa`qos a suffering, disease + -logy: cf. F. pathologie.]

  1. (Med.) The science which treats of diseases, their nature, causes, progress, symptoms, etc.

    Note: Pathology is general or special, according as it treats of disease or morbid processes in general, or of particular diseases; it is also subdivided into internal and external, or medical and surgical pathology. Its departments are nosology, [ae]tiology, morbid anatomy, symptomatology, and therapeutics, which treat respectively of the classification, causation, organic changes, symptoms, and cure of diseases.

  2. (Med.) The condition of an organ, tissue, or fluid produced by disease.

    Celluar pathology, a theory that gives prominence to the vital action of cells in the healthy and diseased function of the body.


n. 1 The establishment of a cause, origin, or reason for something. 2 The study of causes or causation. 3 (context medicine English) The study or investigation of the causes of disease; a scientific explanation for the origin of a disease.

  1. n. the cause of a disease [syn: etiology]

  2. the philosophical study of causation [syn: etiology]

Usage examples of "aetiology".

His tumescence did its best to find its aetiology in the Aprilian and Elgarian and leave May Johnson alone.