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n. (archaic spelling of ether English)


The term aethyr, æthyr, ethyr, or ayre may refer to one of the following:

  • Aethyr is a concept of a formless and invisible medium or substance that pervades the cosmos -- compare & contrast with Aether theories.
  • Aethyr is a reference for the fifth element, or spirit, in various forms of Metaphysics and Occultism (such as Hermeticism, Magick, Wicca, Neo-Paganism, & the New Age movement).
  • Aethyr is a term in the Enochian tradition which indicates one of a succession of worlds (or "planes"), which are viewed not only as surrounding, but also as interpenetrating and extending beyond the material world.
  • Aethyr is a powerful demon like creature connected to the Phantom Zone in the DC universe.
  • Aethyr is a fictional character on the Smallville television series.
  • Ethyr (real name Divij Singh) is an American dubstep producer from New Jersey.

Usage examples of "aethyr".

It was most improbable that the Master of the Aethyr would come barrelling across the seas just to give the boy a decent burial or suchlike.

Wildfolk of Fire and Aethyr Salamander could put on an amazing show of true magic disguised as false.

Every sunset, when the tide of the element of Water began to flow on the astral, and at midnight, when that gave way to Earth, and again at dawn, when the Aethyr burgeoned, the two dweomermen made a magical sphere of blue light all round the dun and set it with seals in the shape of flaming pentagrams.

Tell him everything you know, and tell him that the Master of the Aethyr is here in Bardek.

He said to tell you the truth, about Rhodry Maelwaedd, about everything, about the Master of the Aethyr, too.

If I'm going to kill the Master of the Aethyr on the road, I'll need the information you can give me.

Kill the Master of the Aethyr on the road just as if you were a common bandit and him some piddling merchant?

No doubt the other members of the Brotherhood would agree that anyone who would knowingly bring the Master of the Aethyr - and apparently one of his disciples as well - down upon them all was growing daft and senile.

To ensure it, he would have to mark a trail in some subtle way that would lead the Master of the Aethyr right to the Old One's door.

The Wildfolk of Aethyr gathered round him like a summer storm, crackling and hissing in the air, rushing up and down the walls in the blue fire of sheet lightning.

At the word marketplace, a crowd of Wildfolk materialized: sprites swooping through the air, gnomes leaping and dancing, and in a shuddering curtain of purple light the Wildfolk of Aethyr made their presence known.

There arranged in all their splendour round the pentagram, were the Kings of the Elements, Aethyr, Fire, Air, Water, and Earth, each a pillar and a blaze of many-coloured light pulsating at a point of the star.

At night the spirits of the Aethyr settled on the mast in a glow and flicker of blue fire.

Only when the image lived no matter where he turned his mind did he call upon the Wildfolk of Aethyr, who rushed to do his bidding and bring the blue light through to the physical plane, where Adoryc could see it too.

I'm known as the Master of Aethyr, but on the physical, I'm no one at all.