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Æthelwine, also Aethelwine or Ethelwine is an Anglo-Saxon given name meaning "noble friend". Its Old High German equivalent is Adalwin.

  • Æthelwine of Abingdon (died 1030), abbot of Abingdon
  • Æthelwine (Bishop of Durham) (died 1071), bishop of Durham
  • Æthelwine of Lindsey, bishop of Lindsey
  • Æthelwine of Athelney, Anglo Saxon Saint
  • Æthelwine of Wells, bishop of Wells
  • Æthelwine of Sceldeforde Anglo Saxon Saint
  • Æthelwine, Ealdorman of East Anglia (died 992), son of Æthelstan Half-King
  • Æthelwine, a son of Æthelweard (son of Alfred), who died in the Battle of Brunanburh (937)
  • Adalwin (died 816), bishop of Regensburg
  • Adalwin (died 873), bishop of Salzburg
Æthelwine (bishop of Durham)

Æthelwine (also Egelwin, Aethelwyne, Aethelwine, Aethelwyn, Ethelwin, or Aethelwin; died c. 1072) was the last Anglo-Saxon bishop of Durham, the last who was not also a secular ruler, and the only English bishop at the time of the Norman Conquest who did not remain loyal to King William the Conqueror.