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AET (company)

AET Tanker Holdings Sdn Bhd, formerly American Eagle Tankers, is a Malaysian-owned global shipping company specialising in the ocean transport of crude oil and refined products. Its fleet of around 90 ships make it one of the leading providers of maritime transport to the international petroleum industry.


AET may refer to:

  • Assistant English Teacher, also called an Assistant Language Teacher
  • Actual Evapotranspiration, in climatology
  • Academies Enterprise Trust, in the UK
  • Administration for Technical Investigations (Administration des enquĂȘtes techniques)
  • AET (company), a shipping company formerly known as American Eagle Tankers
  • " After extra time", in sports, the score after overtime has finished
  • Affective Events Theory, a model developed by organizational behaviorists to identify how emotions and moods influence job performance and satisfaction.
  • American Educational Trust, a non-profit foundation
  • Australian Eastern Time, a time zone in Australia
  • Alpha-Ethyltryptamine, a psychoactive drug belonging to the tryptamine family
  • Allakaket Airport in Alaska (IATA Code: AET)
  • Application Entity Title, in the DICOM medical imaging standard

Usage examples of "aet".

Rattisbon threatened him shrilly with the Municipal Corporation Aet of 1822 and looked about him for a constable.

But, more significantly, AR can be aet off in higher creatures by any kind of stress-psychic stress in particular.