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The Collaborative International Dictionary

AEsopic \[AE]*sop"ic\, Esopic \E*sop"ic\, a. [L. Aesopicus, Gr. ?.] Same as [AE]sopian. [1913 Webster] ||

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1927, in the context of Soviet literary censorship, in reference to writing "obscure or ambiguous, often allegorical, which disguises dissent," from Aesop, the traditional father of the allegorical fable, + -ic. The term (Russian ezopovskii, 1875) arose under the Tsars and the style was used by Russian communists. Once they took power the word was applied by them as a charge against their own dissidents.


a. Of or relating to Aesop; Aesopian.

Usage examples of "aesopic".

They were not to be pathetic creatures that were unfairly persecuted so that I could make Aesopic statements about Jews, Blacks or any other mistreated members of society.