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The Collaborative International Dictionary

AEsir \[AE]"sir\, n. pl. [Icel., pl. of [=a]ss god.] In the old Norse mythology, the gods Odin, Thor, Loki, Balder, Frigg, and the others. Their home was called Asgard.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

chief gods of Scandinavian religion, from Old Norse plural of ass "god," related to Old English os, Gothic ans "god" (see Asgard).


n. (alternative spelling of Æsir English)


In Old Norse, (or , plural ; feminine , plural ) is the term denoting a member of the principal pantheon in Norse religion. This pantheon includes Odin, Frigg, Thor, Baldr and Týr. The second pantheon comprises the Vanir. In Norse mythology, the two pantheons wage the Æsir-Vanir War, which results in a unified pantheon.

The cognate term in Old English is (plural ) denoting a deity in Anglo-Saxon paganism. The Old High German is , plural . The Gothic language had (based only on Jordanes who glossed anses with uncertain meaning, possibly 'demi-god' and presumably a Latinized form of actual plural ). The reconstructed Proto-Germanic form is * (plural *). The a-rune was named after the æsir.

Unlike the Old English word god (and Old Norse ), the term () was never adopted into Christian use (Except for Angels).

Usage examples of "aesir".

At the head of the stair, on the cliff-edge, were gathered Odin and his lady Frigga, old Aegir and Ran, Bragi and all the other Aesir nobles.

AEsir who dominated Nemedia were called Nemedians, and later figured in Irish history, and the Nordics who settled in Brythunia were known as Brythunians, Brythons or Britons.

He pointed to a helmet and garments such as the Aesir wore, which he had placed on the chest.

But when I took off my own shirt to don the Aesir garments, my hand touched something that hung from my neck.

I read about the Jotuns the giants who lived in dark Jotunheim and incessantly battled the Aesir.

And once Loki is free and conspiring again with the Jotuns, it will be doom for all Asgard and the Aesir.

Loki succeeded in conquering the Aesir, he will lead the Jotuns to subdue Alfheim.

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While I lie far, The Aesir safe are, Bring me not home, Lest Ragnarok come.

The Aesir, said the legends, inhabited the fabled city of Asgard, which was separated from the land of Midgard by a deep gulf that was spanned by a wonderful rainbow bridge.

In the great hall Valhalla reigned Odin, king of the Aesir, and his wife Frigga.

Once Loki had been of the Aesir, till he turned traitor and was prisoned with his two monstrous pets, the wolf Fenris and the Midgard serpent Iormungandr.

They depicted the Aesir as mortal beings who possessed the secret of eternal youth in common with the giants and dwarfs.

If Loki were released, bringing about Ragnarok the twilight of the gods the Aesir would perish.

In the old legends, I remembered, the mighty Aesir had been fair-haired.