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n. (label en spectroscopy) (initialism of auger electron spectroscopy English) n.


AES may refer to:

Usage examples of "aes".

The pair of them ran the networks of eyes-and-ears for the Aes Sedai here in Salidar, the agents who sent in reports and rumors of what was going on in the world.

Bracelet and necklace created a link between them, much in the way Aes Sedai could link to combine their power.

Dragon Reborn without letting any of the Aes Sedai know what they were doing.

Moiraine was the Aes Sedai who had brought her and Rand out of the Two Rivers and changed their lives.

Aes Sedai here, the only Aes Sedai to have killed one of the Forsaken, much less two.

The Hall might have all the supposed authority until they chose an Amyrlin, but Sheriam and the handful of other Aes Sedai who had first organized the arrivals in Salidar still kept the real control of things.

One of the Forsaken, trapped with her own overweening pride and held prisoner in the midst of Aes Sedai.

Only five women in the world knew, none Aes Sedai, but keeping Moghedien secret was purest necessity.

Even so, they had learned a great deal, and passed most on to the Aes Sedai.

All in all, she was a treasure trove too valuable to give to the headsman, yet most Aes Sedai would not see it so.

Most Aes Sedai might refuse to touch or trust anything learned from her.

Not just with Aes Sedai, of course, but Accepted in banded dresses and scurrying novices in pure white, Warders moving with the deadly grace of leopards whether lean or bulky, servants who had followed Aes Sedai from the Tower, even a few children.

Pulling a handkerchief from her sleeve to dab at her face, Elayne wished she had already been taught that particular bit of Aes Sedai lore.

Unlike most Brown sisters, often absentminded beyond their books and studies, Janya Sedai was quite neat, every short dark hair tidy around the ageless face that marked Aes Sedai who had worked long with the Power.

Anaiya touched her arm, and she cut off, blinking at the other Aes Sedai.