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Usage examples of "aerophane".

Felicia took note of the fashionably low neckline, and her hand crept up to ringer the delicate aerophane crepe that fashioned the upper portion of her bodice, then formed a ruff at her neck.

Bel, the present duchess of Hawkscliffe, considered one of the most ravishing women in Society, wore a gown of soft rose silk with long sleeves of transparent aerophane crepe.

To drag a cloud of white aerophane behind her over a thick, soft carpet, with three eligible young men in full contemplation of her peerless beauty, was as delicious as though she had been an actress receiving an overwhelming ovation.

Two hours after midnight the doors of the workshop were pulled away and the aerophane was dragged on its carriage into the garden.

Then gradually three human faces and a ghostly shaped aerophane emerged out of nothingness.

A passing glimpse of the aerophane had been seen, and better informed folks knew what was taking place.

Above the fog banks a wrack of cloud had gathered, the aerophane was coated with a glittering mist.

Looking down, the trio in the aerophane could see London grow mad, grave men skipping about in the rain like schoolboys at the first fall of snow.