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AEL may refer to:

  • Acute Eosinophilic Leukemia, a form of leukemia
  • AEL 1964 BC, AE Larissa GS, Greece professional basketball club
  • AEL 1964 FC, or Larissa, a Greek football club
  • AEL Limassol, a Cypriot sports club
  • African Explosives, a mining services company headquartered in Johannesburg
  • Ambele language
  • Arab European League, in Belgium and the Netherlands
  • Asiatic Exclusion League, in the United States and Canada
  • Association Electronique Libre
  • Proteas EKA AEL, a Cypriot basketball club
AEL (motorcycle)

AEL was a motorcycle and accessories dealer in Coventry, England who assembled bikes between 1919 and 1924 using frames probably manufactured in Coventry. Engines ranged from 147cc to 348cc, and were provided by companies such as Villiers, JAP and Blackburne.