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n. (plural of aedile English)

Usage examples of "aediles".

Sulla put in charge, with the aediles Publius Furius Crassipes and Marcus Pomponius to assist him.

So I will see two consuls elected, eight praetors elected, two curule and two plebeian aediles elected, ten tribunes of the plebs elected, and twelve quaestors.

Then will follow the elections for quaestors, curule aediles, tribunes of the soldiers and other minor positions in the Assembly of the People ten days before the Kalends of Sextilis.

The new governor of Asia Province, Gaius Claudius Nero, had arrived in Pergamum and taken over, and Sulla had given Lucullus permission to come home, at the same time informing him that he and his brother, Varro Lucullus, would be curule aediles the next year.

Gnaeus Octavius, you harass the praetors, the aediles, your fellow tribunes of the plebs, Publius Cethegus, all our consulars and great men, bankers like Titus Atticus, even the poor quaestors!

Very soon, however, the curule aediles were as likely to be plebeians by status as patricians.

It elected the curule aediles, the quaestors, and the tribunes of the soldiers.

Its members elected the plebeian aediles and the tribunes of the plebs.

Though the aediles looked after these buildings once erected, their actual building was undertaken at the expense of a prominent Roman nobleman.

This privatization was an ongoing thing throughout the Republic, and was usually effected through the censors, praetors, aediles and quaestors.

So I expect you to make sure both Sextus and Gaius are elected curule aediles, with enough money in their purses to put on the kind of games and shows the people will remember affectionately when they go to the polls to elect praetors.

Registered with the aediles and the urban praetor, blessed by the Pontifex Maximus.

A drastic grain shortage meant political futures at stake, and a growling Treasury, and aediles scrambling to find alternative sources of grain.

Senate through its aediles and quaestors made sure the Head Count was sold grain at a reasonable price, even if in times of shortage that meant buying expensive grain and letting it go at the same reasonable price, much to the chagrin of the Treasury.

But Gaius Gracchus gave them cheap bread to eat, and the aediles give them wonderful games to watch.