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alt. (context Greek mythology English) The mythical island said to be the home of n. (context Greek mythology English) The mythical island said to be the home of


__NOTOC__ Aeaea or Eëa ( or ; , Aiaía ) was a mythological island said to be the home of the sorceress Circe. In Homer's Odyssey, Odysseus tells Alcinous that he stayed here for a year on his way home to Ithaca. The modern Greek scholar Ioannis Kakridis insists that any attempt at realistic identification is vain, arguing that Homer vaguely located Aeaea somewhere in the eastern part of his world, perhaps near Colchis, since Circe was the sister of Aeëtes, king of Colchis, and because the goddess Dawn had her palace there.

The somewhat inconsistent geography of Homer's Odyssey is often considered more mythic than literal, but the geography of the Alexandrian scholar and poet, Apollonius of Rhodes, is more specific. In his epic Argonautica, he locates the island somewhere south of Aethalia ( Elba), within view of the Tyrrhenian shore (western coast of Italy). In the same poem, Aeëtes remarks on the great distance between Colchis and Aeaea in these terms:

Aeaea was later identified by classical Roman writers with Mount Circeo on Cape Circeo (Cape Circaeum) on the western coast of Italy—about 100 kilometers south of Rome—which may have looked like an island due to the marshes and sea surrounding its base but which is a small peninsula. It was already a peninsula according to Dionysius of Halicarnassus. However, it may have been still an island in the days of Homer, with a long "lido" or sandy peninsula that gradually became attached to the mainland, in a common geological process. Archeologists have identified one cave or grotto on the cape as "Grotta della Maga Circe", the cave of Circe. A second was found on the nearby Island of Ponza. It is believed that Circe had her summer home on Mount Circe and her winter home on Ponza, which may possibly be the island of Aeaea.

Before leaving Aeaea, Odysseus was given instructions by Circe about how to cross the ocean and assisted by North Wind to reach the underworld:

Usage examples of "aeaea".

But at least the next stop was Aeaea, where Odysseus had promised to get them a good feasting with plenty of meat and sweet wine from Circe.

She lived on the island of Aeaea, attended by four nymphs, in a house or castle of well-built stone.

On their route back to Hellas, Medea and Jason stopped at Aeaea, the isle of the enchantress Circe, who was Medea's aunt and sister to King Aeëtes.

The year spent on Aeaea wining and dining and enjoying the sexual favors of Circe was, of course, a necessary break after spending ten years away in Troy.

Yaeger continued, "he sailed to the island of Circe, called Aeaea, which computes as Navidad Bank, a spot Homer placed on the edge of the world.