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Adwa (; also spelled Adowa, Aduwa) is a market town and separate woreda in northern Ethiopia. It is best known as the community closest to the decisive Battle of Adowa fought in 1896 with Italian troops. Notably, Ethiopian soldiers won the battle, thus being the only African nation to thwart European colonialism. Located in the Mehakelegnaw Zone of the Tigray Region, Adwa has a longitude and latitude of , and an elevation of 1907 meters. Adwa is surrounded by Adwa woreda.

Adwa is home to several notable churches: Adwa Gebri'el Bet (built by Dejazmach Wolde Gebriel), Adwa Maryam Bet (built by Ras Anda Haymanot), Adwa Medhane `Alem Bete (built by Ras Sabagadis), Adwa Nigiste Saba Huletenya Dereja Timhirt Bet, and Adwa Selasse Bet. Near Adwa is Abba Garima Monastery, founded in the sixth century by one of the Nine Saints and known for its tenth century gospels. Also nearby is the village of Fremona, which had been the base of the 16th century Jesuits sent to convert Ethiopia to Catholicism.

Adwa (woreda)

Adwa is one of the woredas in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia. Part of the Mehakelegnaw Zone, Adwa is bordered on the south by Werie Lehe, on the west by La'ilay Maychew, on the north by Mereb Lehe, and on the east by Enticho. Town of Adwa is surrounded by Adwa woreda.

Adwa (volcano)

Adwa (also known as Aabida, Amoissa, or Dabita) (1733 m/5686 ft.) is a stratovolcano in Ethiopia, located in the southern Afar region and has a 4 by 5 km caldera. Due to the location of the volcano near the boundary between Afar and Issa tribes, little is known about the past and present behavior of the volcano. However, an earthquake and InSAR study conducted by Derek Keir and colleagues shows that a magma intrusion around 5 km deep and 8 km long emanated away from the eastern side of the volcano in May 2000.

Adwa (film)

Adwa - An African Victory is a 1999 Ethiopian documentary film directed by Haile Gerima. It concerns the Battle of Adowa (Adwa) (1896).