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n. (abbreviation of adverb English)


ADV may refer to:

  • The abbreviation for Adverb or Adverbial case
  • The abbreviation for the words Advertising/ Advertisement
  • The abbreviation for the word Adventure
  • A.D. Vision, a defunct multimedia entertainment company based in Houston, Texas, and its subsidiaries:
    • ADV Films, a former publisher of anime and tokusatsu videos
    • ADV Manga, a former publisher of manga
    • ADV Music
  • Acoustic Doppler velocimetry, in flow measurement
  • Acoustic droplet vaporization
  • Adventure type of visual novel
  • Aleutian Disease Virus, a disease of ferrets and minks, or the virus that causes it
  • Andover Airfield, Hampshire, United Kingdom (IATA airport code)
  • Andover railway station, United Kingdom (National Rail code)
  • Adv. - Adversary in law (see Adversarial system)
  • Australian Defence Vessel, a non-commissioned vessel in the Royal Australian Navy

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