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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Adulate \Ad"u*late\, v. t. [L. adulatus, p. p. of adulari.] To flatter in a servile way.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1777, back-formation from adulation.


vb. To flatter effusively


v. flatter in an obsequious manner

Usage examples of "adulate".

He had none of that peace and goodwill towards men with which those of us who are not Mohammedans adulate the approach of the season.

How easy it is to flatter and adulate this man out of all his former opinions and his deepest principles, and how an expected advantage will make that other man forget now an old alliance and now a deep antipathy!

He was a mere lad, spoilt, adulated, pampered from his boyhood: the wine had got into his head, the intoxication of rage and hatred blinded his saner judgment.

Then, clasping his robe where his lapels would normally be and followed by his slave, he strode majestically across the square while the crowd parted and adulating figures shouted out praises and prostrated themselves as he passed.