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Application Development System Online (ADSO) is a tool used to expedite the writing and testing of modular applications using IDMS databases. Activities such as flow-of-control processing, data storage definition, data verification, editing, error handling, terminal input and output, menu creation and menu display are specified by using a series of screens instead of conventional detailed code.

ADSO or ADS/O or just ADS is originally Cullinet product, later company was acquired by Computer Associates.

ADS/O has three components ADSG, ADSA, ADSR.

ADSA (ADS Application): Used to develop and compile processes/applications

ADSG (ADS Map generator): Used to generate the screens/Maps for online application and compile the maps.

ADSR (ADS Run time): Is used to run the Maps and Application generated by ADSA and ADSG in live ADSR environment.

Other tools used along with ADS/O to develop ADS/O application are:

DME (Dictionary Module Editor) - This is an editor which is used to write the application programs. The programs created through IDD are stored in the IDD.

MAPC (Create Maps) - This utility is used to design user interfaces i.e. screens.

IDDM (Integrated Data Dictionary) - This is a menu driven utility which facilitates adding, modifying and quering objects in the Integrated Data Dictionary.

ADSO can be used to develop online or batch applications.