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n. 1 {{initialism of|(w: Automated decision support)|lang=en}} 2 (context aviation English) (initialism of lang=en automatic dependent surveillance) n. {{initialism of|(w: American Dialect Society)|lang=en}}


ADS or Ads may refer to:

  • Advertisements
ADS (TV station)

ADS is an Australian television station based in Adelaide, South Australia. It is owned by, and affiliated with Network Ten.

ADS (band)

ADS (1980–84) was a Danish gothic punk band with among others Stig Pedersen (later in D-A-D) and Lars Top-Galia (later in Sort Sol).

Genre-wise ADS was a mix of punk rock and post-punk not infrequently with a dystopian / doomsday-like expression. Inspiration from Sex Pistols and other early punk bands, early Siouxsie And The Banshees and The Birthday Party can be found in the music, but ADS had their own recognizable style and sound.

The band's sound is more grandiose than traditional punk rock, and more in line with post-punk.

Despite that frontman Funder is more yelling than singing the expression is neither desperation-filled or outright angry, but instead powerful and efficient, which matches the instrument's also powerful and expressive style.

The band debuted on 14 September 1980, when they played together with Martin Hall's Ballet Mécanique at a venue in Copenhagen.

ADS supported U.K. Subs at Saltlageret, 27 November 1981, Dead Kennedys at Saltlageret 19 December 1982 and Nick Cave at Ungdomshuset (the Youth House) 23 May 1984. In addition ADS played at the LP-documented Nosferatu Festival on 7 March 1982 at Saltlageret - a festival which was initiated by guitarist Lars Top-Galia.

The band played at various occupied houses in Denmark and toured in Germany.

ADS played together with other bands on the Danish punk scene such as Disneyland After Dark, Ballet Mécanique, UCR, Before, City-X, Electric Deads, NRG, Razorblades, Enola Gay and The Zero Point among others

ADS (motorcycle)

ADS were a small assembler of 98cc autocycles using Sachs and Ilo engines.

Usage examples of "ads".

Cluttered ads, paid subscriptions, e-commerce enabled forms - all reduce the site's credibility!

This is especially true if the entire site is a one, big ad and when it is hard to distinguish ads from content.

Too many ads, broken links, typos, outdated or old content - all diminish trust.

While we don't do any ads on our sites, we don't insist that others don't.

When the noise to signal ratio tops a certain level - ads cease to be effective.

Yet, the Internet is flooded with free advertising: free classifieds, free banner ads, ad exchanges.

Online ads will be no more than interactive renditions of their offline facsimiles.

Between one seventh and one half of all e-mail messages are spam - unsolicited and intrusive commercial ads, mostly concerned with sex, scams, get rich quick schemes, financial services and products, and health articles of dubious provenance.

After that, do what anyone else would, 'specially when they're short of time-look through the newspaper property ads, and the kind of place they'd need to lease or rent would be in the classifieds.

What we should do now is study the estate agents' ads in every paper, regional and local, published over the last three months inside that twenty-five-mile radius, with Larchmont as the center.

Going through those papers, we'd look for ads of certain types-for the kinds of buildings we just talked about--.

Doing that, reading back through three months of ads and making notes, would be a monumental job.

When you have them in front of you, go to classified ads for estate agents and look for any ad offering to rent a small factory, or a warehouse, or a large old house-but not just any old place like that .

Yep, search for our first target-the ads for premises-but watch out for that other long shot as you go.

Many boasted large boxed ads detailing the amenities: COMPREHENSIVE RECUPERATIVE LONG-TERM CARE .