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n. (plural of ado English)


ADOS may refer to:

  • Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, an instrument for diagnosing and assessing Autism
  • Atari ADOS, another name for DOS XE for Atari 8-bit computers
  • Arabic MS-DOS, a special variant of Microsoft's MS-DOS localized for Arabic countries
  • Advanced DOS, an original project name for IBM and Microsoft OS/2 1.0
  • Access DOS, a DOS driver suite by Trace Research and Development Center, Madison, Wisconsin, USA to assist disabled user, shipped as a supplement to Microsoft's MS-DOS 6.2x
  • АДОС (Cyrillic) aka Alpha DOS, a Russian operating system developed around 1989 and said to be MS-DOS 3.2 compatible

Usage examples of "ados".

And for every framling scientist who is longing for the truth, there are ten petty-minded descabe ç ados [headless ones] who despise knowledge, who never think of an original hypothesis, whose only labor is to prey on the writings of the true scientists in order to catch tiny errors or contradictions or lapses in method.