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Adonijah ( ’Ǎḏōnîyāhū, " Yahu is my lord") was the fourth son of King David. His mother was Haggith as recorded in the book of 2 Samuel 3:4. Adonijah was born at Hebron during the long conflict between David and the House of Saul.

Adonijah (disambiguation)

Adonijah is a Hebrew name, meaning " Yahu is my lord". A number of characters in the Bible bear this name.

  • The fourth son of King David. (2 Sam. 3:4)
  • A Levite sent with the princes to teach the book of the law to the inhabitants of Judah (2 Chr. 17:8).
  • One of the "chiefs of the people" after the Babylonian captivity ( Neh. 10:16).