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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Admissibility \Ad*mis`si*bil"i*ty\, n. [Cf. F. admissibilit['e].] The quality of being admissible; admissibleness; as, the admissibility of evidence.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1763, from admissible + -ity.


alt. The state or quality of being admissible or allowable. n. The state or quality of being admissible or allowable.


n. acceptability by virtue of being admissible [ant: inadmissibility]


Admissibility may refer to:

  • Admissible evidence, evidence which may be introduced in a court of law.
  • Admissible decision rule, in statistical decision theory, a rule which is never dominated.
  • Admissible rule, in logic, a type of rule of inference.
  • Admissible heuristic, in computer science, is a heuristic which is no more than the lowest-cost path to the goal.
  • Admissible set, in mathematical logic, a transitive set satisfying the axioms of Kripke-Platek set theory.

Usage examples of "admissibility".

The Managers of the House objected to the admission of the testimony and the question of its admissibility was argued at length by General Butler, by Judge Curtis, and by Mr.

It was only after the apostolic tradition, fixed in the form of a comprehensive collection, seemed to guarantee the admissibility of every form of Christianity that reverenced that collection, that the hellenising of Christianity within the Church began in serious fashion.

Kahtani was unable to prove his admissibility and withdrew his application for admission after an immigration inspector remained unpersuaded that he was a tourist.