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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Administrate \Ad*min"is*trate\, v. t. [L. administratus, p. p. of administrare.] To administer. [R.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1630s, from Latin administratus, past participle of administrare (see administer). In modern use a back-formation from administration. Related: Administrated; administrating.


vb. 1 to administer 2 (context computing English) the act or function of providing maintenance and general housekeeping for computer systems, networks, peripheral equipment, etc.


v. work in an administrative capacity; supervise; "administer a program" [syn: administer]

Usage examples of "administrate".

Brother Rupert had been chaplain, scribe, and administrating secretary to the recently deceased Felicia, Prioress of Tyndal.

Umberleigh was born to legislate, codify, administrate, censor, license, ban, execute, and sit in judgement generally.

It was the pride of Zeor that here the Sectuib himself visited the aged, supervised, administrated, and settled quarrels.

Unlike Bosonia, which had many Keshian colonists living there, Yabon had been an administrated district with a few Keshian nobles and many Yabonese tribal chieftains and lords.

But the king decided my lands could be better administrated by one of his lackeys, a fellow his wizard had brought to him, I believe.

Odyssey had just arrived at Station Deep Space 9, a Bajoran station administrated by Starfleet and commanded by Sisko.

Many of the brother officers who administrated the project were his personal friends.

I was driven, while in Washington, to observe something amounting almost to a peculiarity in the Christian names of the gentlemen who were then administrating the government of the country.

Less than a year ago, as the administrating senator of the Senate Select Committee for Refugees - SELCORE - Shesh had not hesitated to strike a deal for her personal gain by diverting vital supplies from the refugee camps on Duro.

No replicator had ever been able to match the exquisite flavor of natural halant stew, and people would pay through the neck for krintar roots, so by administrating Nramia, Eska was sitting on a latinum mine.

That was faute de mieux, but gradually the administrating crowded out the engineering.