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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ After coffee, Lyn Staniforth gave her own personal view on how she saw her role as an office admin manager.
▪ I checked my watch as I dialled: 9.15, which meant the admin shift should be into their first tea-break by now.
▪ Olivia was sitting with a group of social admin people, who were all ignoring her.
▪ The admin, they argue, is too fiddly.
▪ These would have to be organised between calls, together with other admin details that developed during the day.
▪ Under the clear astrodome she walked to the admin building, the sensors at Kandinskaya's door showing red.
▪ You can buy some very advanced email admin software or you can choose to download some equally fine shareware.

n. 1 (cx transitive computing informal English) A systems administrator; one who maintains a computer system or network. 2 (cx transitive internet informal English) A user of a discussion forum, web site, etc. with privileges allowing them to control or restrict the activity of other uses. vb. (cx transitive computing informal English) To serve as an administrator for or of.

Usage examples of "admin".

For a moment he considered finding the admin complex and seeing if they would tell him where Patterson would be living.

Hispanic field workers have gathered in front of the admin building and are yelling something about better housing and recreation facilities.

The dining nook window faced west, and through it she could see that the lights of the admin complex were still ablaze.

Terrans outnumbered Liadens, Liadens outnumbered the expectable, just like Admin, earlier.

Kailipso Admin, realizing that it would need to expand quarters to support increased population, got clever--or desperate--or both--and went wooing the big Liaden Guilds, like the Traders and the Pilots, and got them to go in for sector offices on Kailipso.

Well, now she knew why Kinaveral Admin had put such a nice bonus on this job--and now she knew better than to take another flight to Banth.

The science people had set up their computers under a tarp next to the admin building, and were examining the data crystals of shuttle activity before communications from the planet ceased.

The admin building was quite small and filled with claustrophobic offices.

Both the admin and the assembly buildings had apartments that had been used by the top people assigned to Aquarius.

Earlier, they had slithered out of the water onto the island and began crawling toward the admin building.

Their times were staggered so they would all be at the same distance from the admin center at the half hour before dawn.

They were within seventy-five meters of the admin center before Seaman First Class Broward noticed the pattern.

His hand slapped the panic button, sounding an alarm throughout the admin building.

The doors to the admin building were locked, and the ground floor windows shuttered or barricaded.

He looked at his watch and then heard someone coming down the main hallway of the admin building.