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n. (surname: English)


Adin is an uncommon family name found today in England, the United States (particularly New York City), New Zealand, Sweden, the Basque country, Turkey and Israel. Since the name occurs in the Old Testament, it has been suggested that the name has Jewish origins since it is mentioned in the Bible four times. However, the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain have no records of this as a Jewish family name. The Consolidated Jewish Family Name Index of U.S.-based Avotaynu indicates Adin is a Jewish family name that existed in Poland and Belarus. However this may be a phonetic coincidence since a name with so few letters might exist in every culture.

Who's Who in the Old Testament Together with the Apocrytha by Joan Comay states that Adin (Heb. "delicate") 1. date unknown. Ancestor of a family of Judah who returned with Zerubbabel from Exile in Babylon. Ezra 2:15; 8:6; Nehemiah 7:20.

The International Genealogical Index charts migration of the Adin family name throughout England from Great Wigborough, Essex in 1567, to the midlands in the late 17th century, in particular Staffordshire and Derbyshire, followed by migration to Liverpool and Manchester in the 1840s during the Industrial Revolution and onto the United States. Some branches remained in Derbyshire until they emigrated to Foxton, New Zealand in 1863, arriving on a ship called the Helvellyn.

Usage examples of "adin".

So after you have read Metamorphosis, if you are curious about the story of Tasha Yar and Darryl Adin, referred to here, you may decide to seek out Survivors, available wherever Star Trek books are sold.

Data first met Darryl Adin and his band of mercenaries, who at that time had been operating outside the Federation.

Only Adin, however, had ever been a fugitive from justice: a former Starfleet security officer falsely convicted of treason and murder.

But when Data uncovered computer tampering used to frame Adin, Starfleet had cleared him of all charges.

Darryl Adin and his people had fine warp-capacity vessels, the epitome of private spacecraft technology, but their engines could not produce enough power to break free of the gravitational surges that barely affected a Galaxy-class starship.

Adin was referring to the last time he had seen Data-several months ago, after Data had delivered to Adin the personal farewell message prepared by Tasha Yar for the man she loved.

The android had felt that his responses were inadequate, and yet Adin seemed somehow comforted-as much so as a man could be who had been so often betrayed by fate.

If that mission had not reunited Tasha with Darryl Adin, her first love, it might have led toData broke away from such thoughts.

Even if Sdan or Poet thought it a good idea to tempt Wesley to join them, which I do not believe is the case, Darryl Adin would not hear of it.

In the lounge, Data spotted Darryl Adin sitting alone at a table near the viewports, looking out at the stars.

Data looked up, to find Darryl Adin staring at the figure of Tasha, his expression a painful mixture of surprise and sorrow.

He saw Darryl Adin and his gang training the Gellesenians in guerrilla warfare, hoping to make the price of taking the planet too high in Konor lives.

He brought Darryl Adin to the regular poker game one evening, and Dare won, resoundingly.

He was supported by the powerful influence of Charles Sumner, then at the height of his popularity, and by Adin Thayer, the ablest political organizer in Massachusetts.