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n. 1 (given name male diminutive=Adam), (term: Adrian) or (term: Aidan). 2 (given name female diminutive=Adele), (term: Adriana) or (term: Adrienne). 3 (surname from=given names dot=) derived from Adam.


Adie is both a surname and a given name. Notable people with the name include:


  • Alexander Adie (1775-1859), Scottish inventor
  • George Adie (1901-1989), English stock-broker
  • Helen Adie (1909-1996), English composer
  • Kate Adie (born 1945), British journalist
  • Norman Adie (born 1946), film exhibitor and Ponzi schemer
  • William John Adie (1886-1935), British neurologist
  • Ravi David Adie (1984 - ), Born 2-4-84; TO FOR ADIE FOR!

Given name:

  • Adie Allen (21st century), British actress
  • Adie Mike (born 1973), English football forward
  • Adie Moses (born 1975), English footballer
  • Adie Smith (born 1973), English footballer

Fictional characters:

  • Adie (The Sword of Truth), a fictional character in the epic fantasy series The Sword of Truth

Usage examples of "adie".

I need to take Adie to Aydindril and study the prophecies with her before I know for sure what to do with the stone, and what to do about the boxes.

It was just like the one her mother had received from Adie, and had, in turn, given to Kahlan.

The Keeper smiles upon you, Adie, and thanks you for welcoming him into your heart.

Zedd tried different elements of magic while he pulled Adie along with him.

She gave a frightened scream, but held her ground as Zedd gripped her mane and threw himself on her back, hauling Adie up behind.

Zedd crouched forward, Adie clutching him around the waist as they galloped into the darkness.

Zedd saw Adie wrapping the blanket up around her shoulders, he closed the window.

Kahlan took off her necklace, the one Adie had given her, the one with the round bone.

The heavy fabric was inky black, almost as black as a night stone that Adie had given him to help him across the pass, almost as black as the boxes of Orden.

She darted a cool glance at the wizard sitting next to Adie on a wooden bench.

Aydindril, their little company, Zedd, Adie, Ahern, Jebra, Chandalen, Orsk, and Kahlan, had been intercepted by a small force led by Prince Harold.

I clutched my oxygen tube as a lo adie crossed over it, and adjusted my mask as his leg caught it, pulling it slightly from my face.

There was a pause of about five seconds as the lo adie by the door spoke into his mike to the British Airways navigator, then he nodded to himself and swung into action.

Reg 2 ran over to a lo adie who was still at the heli ramp checking it had closed up correctly.

The lo adie took one look at the bloodied windows, disconnected the intercom lead from his helmet and sprinted toward the front of the heli.