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n. A Tibeto-Burman language spoken in India and Tibet.


Adi may refer to:

Peoples and places:

  • Banu Adi, a clan of the Quraish tribe of Mecca
  • Adi people, a tribe living in Arunachal Pradesh, India
    • Adi language, the Tibeto-Burman language spoken by the Adi
  • Adi, Israel, a communal settlement in northern Israel
  • Adi Island, an island in West Papua, Indonesia
  • Adi (mountain), a mountain near Saint-Étienne-de-Baïgorry, France
  • Adi (metaphysical plane), a Hindu cosmological term about reality about the first cause
  • Adi (Khanapur), Belgaum District, Karnataka
  • Adi (Chikodi), Belgaum District, Karnataka

Names and titles:

  • Adi (title), a Fijian title used by females of chiefly rank
  • Adi (name), a given name or nickname in various languages
  • an Indian word meaning first, as in:
    • Adi Granth, the Holy Scripture of Sikhism
    • Adi Shankara, an Indian philosopher
    • Adikavi Pampa, the first poet of Kannada
    • Adi (mythology), the son of Andhaka

People with the name Adi:

  • Adi (footballer) or Adilson dos Santos, Brazilian footballer
  • Adi Bichman, Israeli swimmer
  • Sheikh Adi ibn Musafir, Kurdish sufist
  • Adi Bitar, Palestinian judge
  • Adi Dassler, German founder of Adidas
  • Adi Godrej, billionaire Indian industrialist
  • Adi Granov, Bosnian comic artist
  • Adi Himmelbleu, Israeli actress and model
  • Adi Nes, Israeli photographer
  • Adi Ophir, Israeli philosopher
  • Adi Shamir, Israeli cryptographer
  • Adi Shankara, Indian mystic
  • Adi Smolar, Slovenian singer/songwriter
  • Fanendo Adi, Nigerian footballer
  • Sailom Adi, Thai boxer


  • Adi tala, a tala (rhythm) in Carnatic music

ADI, a three-letter abbreviation:

  • ADI Corporation, a former manufacturer of CRT monitors for PCs, well known for their MicroScan series
  • ADI 4277 and ADPF 132 v. Brazilian civil union, are Actions to Civil union equality
  • Acceptable daily intake, in health and medicine
  • Advanced Distance Integration, a Konica Minolta camera term for flash metering
  • Acting Detective Inspector
  • After Date of Invoice
  • Africa Development Indicators, a compilation of data assembled by the World Bank
  • Aircraft de-icer and inhibitor
  • Aircraft Designs Inc., an aircraft design firm in Monterey, California
  • Alternating direction implicit method for solving partial differential equations
  • American Documentation Institute, now abbreviated as ASIS&T
  • ADInstruments, ADI is historical usage. ADInstruments is now preferred
  • Ángeles del Infierno, a Spanish heavy metal band
  • Anti-detonant injection for internal combustion engines
  • Analog Devices Incorporated, producer of semiconductors (ADI is their symbol on the New York Stock Exchange)
  • Animal Defenders International, a nonprofit campaigning group
  • Approved Driving Instructor, a qualified UK car driver trainer
  • Area of dominant influence, in broadcast marketing, an Arbitron
  • Associazione per il Disegno Industriale
  • Atlantodental interspace, AKA atlantodental interval, a radiological measurement of cervical stability
  • Attitude Director Indicator, aircraft instrument showing the attitude to an artificial horizon
  • Australian Defence Industries
  • Australian Doctors International
  • Authorised Deposit-Taking Institution, a corporation authorised under the Australian Commonwealth Banking Act 1959
  • Autism Diagnostic Interview, a semistructured parent interview used to aid in diagnosing autism
  • Independent Democratic Action(Portuguese: Acção Democrática Independente), a political party in São Tomé and Príncipe
  • Asset Distribution Interface, a specification from CableLabs
  • The code for Ahmedabad Railway Station, Ahmedabad, India

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Adi (title)

Adi is a title used by Fijian women of chiefly rank, namely female members of chiefly clans. It is the equivalent of the Ratu title used by male chiefs. It is in general use throughout most of Fiji, although on Kadavu Island, Bulou is used instead.

Adi (Chikodi)

''' Adi (Chikodi) ''' is a village in the southern state of Karnataka, India. It is located in the Chikodi taluk of Belgaum district in Karnataka. Its population is nearly 5000. It is located near Poona-Bangalore highway.

Adi (Khanapur)

''' Adi (Khanapur) ''' is a village in the southern state of Karnataka, India. It is located in the Khanapur taluk of Belgaum district in Karnataka.

Adi (metaphysical plane)

Adi ( Skt., 'first') is a Hindu, Buddhist, and Theosophical term meaning the first part of reality. It has to do with the first cause or even Adi-Ananta—at least as unity of infinity (as Plotinus and others say) emanating the first finite one. This is called Brahm (in Hinduism) and Adi-Buddha, and Theosophy also says it has to do with the Divine Monad, e.g. Logos.

Adi (name)

Adi is a unisex Hebrew given name, which means "jewel" or "ornament". It can also be a short form of Adrian, Adolf, or Aditya. Adi may refer to:

Adi (mythology)

In Hindu mythologyAdi is an asura killed by Shiva for taking the disguise of Shiva's consort Parvati.

Usage examples of "adi".

From the concept of a central Tathagata in the mandalas as well as the notion of a Supreme Buddha principle beyond the five manifestations, an Adi Buddha or Primordial Buddha was evolved, usually called Vajradhara or Vajrasattva but Samantabhadra among the rNying-ma-pa.