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Adèr is a surname. Notable people with this name:

  • Guilhèm Adèr (1567?-1638), Occitan language writer
  • Herman J. Adèr (born 1940), Dutch statistician/methodologist
Ader (disambiguation)

Ader is a French automobile.

Ader may also refer to:

  • Ader (surname)
  • Ader Tower, historical monument in Buenos Aires
  • Mount Ader, mountain in Antarctica
Ader (surname)

Ader is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Clément Ader (1841-1925), French flight pioneer
  • Walt Ader (1913-1982), American racecar driver
  • Bas Jan Ader (1942-1975), Dutch conceptual artist

Usage examples of "ader".

Er was nergens een gesprongen ader te zien, geen bloedstolsels in zijn hart of longen, geen ontsteking van zijn maag of darmen.

Beth Ader, Jennifer Brown, SWAT officer Matt Cabot, Bill Contardi, Carrie Feron, Michele laffe, Laura Langlie, and David Walton.

Many thanks to Beth Ader, Jennifer Brown, Barbara Cabot, SWAT officer Matt Cabot, Josh Horowitz, Michele Jaffe, Laura Langlie, Abby McAden, Ericka Markman, Ron Markman, David Walton, and Benjamin Egnatz.

Beth Ader, Jennifer Brown, Barbara Cabot, Charles and Bonnie Egnatz, Emily Faith, Laura Langlie, Ron Markman, Abigail McAden, A.

Barb Cabot, Debra Martin Chase, Bill Contardi, Sarah Davies, Laura Langlie, Abby McAden, Alison Donalty, and the usual suspects: Beth Ader, Jennifer Brown, Dave Walton, and especially, Benjamin Egnatz.