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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a satisfactory/adequate explanation (=one that explains something completely)
▪ A bank must offer an adequate explanation of all its charges.
adequate protection
▪ Some car seats for children did not provide adequate protection.
adequate/proper precautions
▪ Companies have a legal responsibility to take adequate precautions against fire.
adequate/proper preparation
▪ You cannot go on a dangerous trip like this without adequate preparation.
adequate/proper supervision
▪ Why had the parents not provided adequate supervision?
an adequate supply
▪ The larger cities usually have more modern health facilities and an adequate supply of medicines.
▪ They were clumsy to use, the striking surface barely adequate.
▪ But no one could suppose that the result could be more than barely adequate.
▪ They were barely adequate, but to tell the truth there was not much worth lighting up.
▪ Instead, he wrote a barely adequate, undistinguished letter.
▪ He said I should have more adequate protection than a burglar alarm.
▪ The severe limiting of the category would be pragmatic as well in securing more adequate medical insurance coverage.
▪ This in turn will provide a more adequate basis for the formulation of relevant policy.
▪ It is, rather, the context in which more adequate explanation can occur, or at least be attempted.
▪ Such a position is not just a correction of Kant but a fundamental rejection in favor of another and more adequate criterion.
▪ The houses should be repaired and modernised; proper plumbing should be installed, and more adequate heating.
▪ However, such questions must be asked if we hope to develop a more adequate policy in relation to doping in sport.
▪ However, lower your aural sights a little and £200 - £300 will get you a perfectly adequate operator.
▪ The rest will be moved on to a perfectly adequate out-of-town portal site with ads that flash and jitter.
▪ Other requirements: Light: Appreciates good light from above and all round, though light from above is perfectly adequate.
▪ It is possible to subscribe to an updating service, but adopting your own scheme is perfectly adequate and is not expensive.
▪ The address book is an odd addition, given that the database is perfectly adequate for fulfilling this need.
▪ Boot space is perfectly adequate quite shallow but long.
▪ This can make the conventional approach perfectly adequate for some systems development work.
▪ Ardmore's runway is more generously dimensioned and better levelled than North Shore's but North Shore is perfectly adequate too.
▪ Your first effort may well look like a rag doll, but this is quite adequate to begin with.
▪ In the developed western countries private resources and the capital market were quite adequate.
▪ The existing arrangements of asking for police assistance when the presence of weapons is suspected are considered to be quite adequate.
▪ Although the data collected were quite adequate for this purpose, no attempt was made to claim representativeness for the doorstep survey.
▪ The researchers estimated Diatryma's athletic ability as quite adequate to catch most of the contemporary mammals.
▪ I believe that that is quite adequate.
▪ However, the detailed cross-referencing is usually quite adequate to take care of such problems.
▪ It is, I think, one of two parts of an adequate account of causal asymmetry.
▪ Anything like an adequate account of the method of empirical inquiry is out of the question here.
▪ Can the background view be held on its own as an adequate account of causation?
▪ It is very hard to provide a simple but adequate explanation.
▪ The analyst must be sensitive to possible environmental effects when attempting to provide an adequate explanation for a particular political behavior.
▪ Nor is economic failure an adequate explanation.
▪ It is, rather, the context in which more adequate explanation can occur, or at least be attempted.
▪ But is this an adequate explanation?
▪ As a result, there is rarely the time to provide adequate explanations as to why a particular step is carried out.
▪ However, other data presented here suggest that this is not an adequate explanation.
▪ Others are dining, on the cautious assumption that a nine o'clock party might not provide adequate food.
▪ Each family was perennially engaged in securing an adequate food supply for its members.
▪ Regular feeding with a general fertiliser will help to ensure that the plants are always supplied with adequate food materials.
▪ One 63-year-old freed prisoner revealed that captives were kept in metal cages without sanitation or adequate food.
▪ The latter, he argues, can only be accomplished if an adequate food supply is produced within a ecologically sustainable system.
▪ Unemployment does not only deny an adequate income, it can create deep crises of social identity.
▪ This put him on two public payrolls, the county and the state, and assured him of an adequate income.
▪ The other is to find well-paid employment which will provide her with an adequate income to afford the repayments.
▪ It is important to appropriately balance these risks on the basis of adequate information.
▪ The first point is that you can't make a meaningful choice of subjects without adequate information.
▪ The scheme for parents would have to start with a really adequate level of child benefits.
▪ To continue the previous example, suppose that 500 units was determined to be an adequate level of safety stock.
▪ Questions about adequate levels of safety on the roads or in factories, or about purity in foods are of this kind.
▪ They will have failed to maintain an adequate level of expectation about what life can be as non-parents.
Preparation and follow-up To get full value from a visit, adequate preparation and follow-up are vital.
▪ The importance of adequate preparation can not be overemphasized in view of the substantial delays and costs that could arise through error.
▪ However, this is more surely an argument for adequate preparation than for a refusal to appear.
▪ In either case adequate preparation should be made, so that the relevant facts and estimates are in a presentable state.
▪ Jimmy Carter's limited experience in politics had not given him adequate preparation for the demands of the White House.
▪ It is open, voluntary, not embarked upon lightly or without adequate preparation.
▪ They should be clamped in reasonably dry conditions with adequate protection against frost.
▪ Most universities have some review committee that requires a statement from the researcher that adequate protection will be guaranteed for all respondents.
▪ Men involved in the upper reaches of political life might not necessarily find in it an adequate protection.
▪ Federal safety experts say such helmets appear to offer adequate protection for skaters.
▪ He said I should have more adequate protection than a burglar alarm.
▪ Three days later, however, President Nixon ordered that the reconnaissance missions be resumed and that they receive adequate protection.
▪ The court is able to give adequate protection to solicitors' clients without straining the language of section 69.
▪ The General Accounting Office reports that airbags do not provide adequate protection for small children and others not sitting in normal position.
▪ All major publicly-funded housing developments will make adequate provision for the less well off.
▪ Peace of mind, adequate provision for family and friends, and the knowledge that one's wishes will be carried out.
▪ Management considers that adequate provision has been made for any liability which may arise in respect of the years 1981 to 1983.
▪ The need for the adequate provision of permanent residential homes increases substantially as the mentally handicapped child grows up.
▪ The Rules do contain adequate provisions for appeal by the person upon whom a notice is served.
▪ There is a gross disparity between the size of the unemployment problem and the minuscule educational resources available to make adequate provision.
▪ But, as disappointed abolitionists in the country reported, adequate supply remained crucial.
▪ It also is working to ensure an adequate supply of modems too, from Motorola and others.
▪ Basically, if you follow the suggestions we have made earlier, you will obtain adequate supplies of vitamins and minerals.
▪ While saying this I do not want to exaggerate the lack of adequate supplies of goodwill.
▪ Encouragement and real results are the essential ingredients required to nurture adequate supplies of willpower and to keep it growing.
▪ The restrictions in outdoor water use were approved last week to help maintain adequate supplies during the shutdown.
▪ Others represented yet more heroes and champions, of which the disc had a more than adequate supply.
▪ If Britain is to maintain its tradition of excellent clinical research adequate support must be provided for the clinical costs of research.
▪ By fitting one central bar, three-point cramping is possible, catering for irregular shapes, while still providing adequate support.
▪ Welfare and social services Recent research has demonstrated that people with severe mental handicaps can undertake productive work, with adequate support.
▪ It's important that the sling is easy to put on single-handed, and that your baby gets adequate support.
▪ Doors of the hatch can be hinged or sliding, or even a lift-down flap, as long as it's got adequate support.
▪ Dividing one room into two is not a difficult operation, and simple studding can provide adequate support for sheet plasterboard.
▪ The implication drawn from the trade is that modern corporations lack an adequate system of accountability.
▪ Ensure that an adequate system for taking backup files is established and maintained.
▪ Any manager who fails to devise adequate systems for job control is at best not in control and at worst out of control.
▪ Likewise, for those caring for an adult the scheme would have to be built on an adequate system of disability benefits.
▪ It can not be stressed enough that an adequate system for financial control must be a priority matter for the haulier.
▪ Set aside adequate time for thought and planning.
▪ The importance of the results should be such that there is adequate time to seek opinions from employees. 2.
▪ If adequate time has been spent at the design stage, the construction of files holds few major problems.
▪ We are also indebted to the Minister and the Whips for allowing us adequate time in which to adduce our arguments.
▪ They also criticised the lack of adequate time for consultation.
▪ We will want to give adequate time to them to share their experiences and insights.
▪ This period of grace has in normal market conditions given the house owner adequate time in which to find a buyer.
▪ First, all overlap periods must allow adequate time for exchange of information between the staff coming to duty and those leaving.
▪ Employees should also be given adequate training in safety precautions etc.
▪ The first problem is that many young doctors do not get an adequate training.
▪ The report also emphasized the need for adequate training and supervision of personnel working in this area.
▪ There is no substitute for adequate training, instruction and supervision.
▪ This involves: Installing a written system for checking temperatures, plus adequate training and instruction on the system for staff.
▪ Apart from recruitment the greatest problem most armies faced was that of giving adequate training to their officers.
▪ Are staff given adequate training to enable them to undertake recruitment activities?
▪ It is unfair, however, to expect nurses to take on this new role and responsibility without adequate training and supervision.
▪ The creditor would not be concerned with the question whether or not the surety had an adequate understanding of the transaction.
▪ Employers must provide adequate training opportunities.
▪ Hardin's campaign did not have adequate funds to broadcast any ads on television.
▪ Make sure that the lighting is adequate so that your guests to see what they are eating.
▪ Most people eat an adequate diet.
▪ None of his workers received adequate safety training.
▪ Now that we have extended the hall, those small electric heaters are no longer adequate.
▪ Redman's performance was adequate, though it lacked originality.
▪ The heating system would only be adequate for a much smaller house.
▪ Nevertheless, it is still open to question whether these arrangements are an adequate substitute for parliamentary scrutiny.
▪ She gives accounts of the long hours worked by women and the effort put into maintaining what were seen as adequate standards.
▪ The minerals in a normal diet will be adequate to replace any losses.
▪ The retail business, which is essential for the maintenance of adequate market liquidity, declined after the 1987 stock market crash.
▪ There is often no provision made, or considered adequate for elderly relatives without causing gross inconvenience to all parties.
▪ Winter may seem like the ideal time to do interior painting, but it requires adequate ventilation.
▪ Yet, without a ground and adequate pitch, the sport was unlikely to flourish.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Adequate \Ad"e*quate\, v. t. [See Adequate, a.]

  1. To equalize; to make adequate. [R.]

  2. To equal. [Obs.]

    It [is] an impossibility for any creature to adequate God in his eternity.


Adequate \Ad"e*quate\, a. [L. adaequatus, p. p. of adaequare to make equal to; ad + aequare to make equal, aequus equal. See Equal.] Equal to some requirement; proportionate, or correspondent; fully sufficient; as, powers adequate to a great work; an adequate definition.

Ireland had no adequate champion.
--De Quincey.

Syn: Proportionate; commensurate; sufficient; suitable; competent; capable.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1610s, from Latin adaequatus "equalized," past participle of adaequare "to make equal to," from ad- "to" (see ad-) + aequare "make level," from aequus (see equal (adj.)). The sense is of being "equal to what is required." Related: Adequateness.\n

  1. Equal to some requirement; proportionate, or correspondent; fully sufficient; as, powers adequate to a great work; an adequate definition lawfully and physically sufficient. v

  2. 1 (context obsolete English) To equalize; to make adequate. 2 (context obsolete English) To equal.

  1. adj. (sometimes followed by `to') meeting the requirements especially of a task; "she had adequate training"; "her training was adequate"; "she was adequate to the job" [ant: inadequate]

  2. enough to meet a purpose; "an adequate income"; "the food was adequate"; "a decent wage"; "enough food"; "food enough" [syn: decent, enough]

  3. about average; acceptable; "more than adequate as a secretary" [syn: passable, fair to middling]


Usage examples of "adequate".

The direct actionists are a warning to the Socialist Party that its tactics and its program are not adequate to domesticating the deepest unrest of labor.

The limited informational content of DNAthe four bases adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thyminedid not seem adequate to build the fantastically varied amino acid necklaces.

Constitution which precludes Congress from making criminal the violation of an administrative regulation, by one who has failed to avail himself of an adequate separate procedure for the adjudication of its validity, or which precludes the practice, in many ways desirable, of splitting the trial for violations of an administrative regulation by committing the determination of the issue of its validity to the agency which created it, and the issue of violation to a court which is given jurisdiction to punish violations.

All adequate understanding of aphasia or agnosia would, he believed, require a new, more sophisticated science.

There was neither arable land nor implements to grow anything like adequate crops.

The upside consists of an enhanced sensibility, which is, arguably, a more than adequate compensation.

When a new social reality is formed, integrating both the development of capital and the proletarianization of the population into a single process, the political form of command must itself be modified and articulated in a manner and on a scale adequate to this process, a global quasistate of the disciplinary regime.

He called persistently for reinforcements, remaining inactive meanwhile, because he estimated the Confederate army before him at two hundred thousand men, and was unwilling to assail this force, under command of soldiers like Johnston and Lee, until his own force seemed adequate to the undertaking.

While details will probably remain forever unknown, investigators now believe that a program designed to record and store biogenic information was deliberately released into the House plexus without adequate testing.

The Biter was not armed much more than adequate, and might sheer off if shook at with a heavy stick enough.

But it must have been obvious to the senior officers concerned that the German civilians were to be bombed, their homes and belongings destroyed, and, if they were not evacuated or given adequate air-raid shelters, they would be killed, burnt and mutilated in large numbers.

The cartel considered him adequate for paying Smith his bribes, and for balancing the ledgers at that bordello I mentioned, but Moore found out that cartel headquarters in Prussia considered their man not cutthroat enough to handle the next phase of their plan to crush us.

I felt that my obligations to her were great, while she, in the goodness of her heart, was persuaded that she could make no adequate return to me for the oracles with which I furnished her, and by following which she was safely guided through the perplexities of life.

Conde returned the cryptogram to the inhabitants, and on Sunday, April 30, 1628, though its fortifications were still unbreached and its defenses still apparently adequate for a long siege, Realmont suddenly and unexpectedly capitulated.

Her cuspids were but little larger than those of her treecat cousins, and although her mindspeak was perfectly adequate for the military purposes to which she had been bred and trained, it was nowhere near as powerful or as far-ranging as was that of the purebred male prairiecat.