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Adeney is a hamlet in the English county of Shropshire, in the civil parish of Edgmond.

Its name was formerly also spelt Adney, and derives from an Old English name meaning "Eadwynne's island". It lies in an area of the Weald Moors known as the "Birch Moors"; the closest villages are Edgmond, to the east, and Tibberton, to the north-west.

Adeney (surname)

People with the surname Adeney include:

  • Bernard Adeney (1878–1966), English painter
  • Chris Adeney, a Canadian singer-songwriter better known by his stage name Wax Mannequin
  • David Howard Adeney (1911–1994), British missionary to China
  • Richard Adeney (1920–2010), English flautist