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Adelheid is the modern German form of the Old High German female given name Adalheidis, meaning "nobility" and may refer to the following people:

  • Eupraxia of Kiev (1071–1109), regnal name Adelheid
  • Adelheid of Vohburg (1122–1190), first Queen consort of Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor
  • Adelheid of Wolfratshausen (died 1126), second wife of Berengar II, Count of Sulzbach
  • Adelheid (abbess of Müstair) (fl. 1211–1233); Swiss Benedictine abbess
  • Princess Adelheid of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1835–1900), niece of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom
  • Adelheid Maria Eichner (1762–1787), German composer
  • Adelheid von Gallitzin (1748–1806), Russian princess from Prussia
  • Adelheid Popp (1869–1939), Austrian journalist and politician
  • Archduchess Adelheid of Austria (1914–1971), member of the Austrian Imperial Family
  • Adelheid Seeck (1912–1973), German film actress
  • Adelheid Arndt (born 1952), German actress
  • Adelheid Schulz (born 1955), German terrorist
  • Adelheid Morath (born 1984), German cross-country mountain biker
Adelheid (film)

'Adelheid ' is a 1969 Czechoslovak drama film directed by František Vláčil, and based on a 1967 novel of the same name by Czech writer Vladimír Körner. The film is set in the Lužec castle located in the town of Vroutek (German: Rudig) in Sudetenland ( Czech and Slovak: Sudety) shortly after World War II.

Adelheid (abbess of Müstair)

Adelheid (attested from 1211 to 1233) was abbess of the Benedictine monastery of Saint John Abbey, Müstair, Switzerland. She is the first abbess of that monastery known by name.

According to 15th century tradition, she belonged to the noble family of von Neiffen. Under her leadership, a blood miracle made the abbey a pilgrimage site, and the hospice of Santa Maria Val Müstair was constructed.