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Adelchi is the second tragedy written by Alessandro Manzoni. It was first published in 1822.

The main character is Adelchi, a Longobard prince torn by the inner conflict between his father Desiderio's will and his own desire for peace. Adelchi is the son of the last Lombard King, Desiderius. The action takes place between 772 and 774, the latter being the year in which Charlemagne, also a protagonist in the tragedy, brought about the end of the Lombard Kingdom

It was staged by Vittorio Gassman in 1960 and Carmelo Bene in 1984.

Adelchi (Carmelo Bene)

Adelchi (Carmelo Bene) is an Italian play by Carmelo Bene. It was first published in 1984.

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Adelchi (disambiguation)

Adelchi may refer to:

  • Adelchi, play from 1822
  • Adelchi (Carmelo Bene), play from 1984
  • Adelchi Negri (died 1912), Italian pathologist