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n. (plural of add English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: add)

Usage examples of "adds".

She listens, then stiffens, her eyes wide, as he adds two more sentences.

Lorn smiles, keeping the resignation from his lips, and adds another gold to the pile.

Lorn replaces the records, then adds his own latest report, and closes the foot chest.

After he adds more pleasantries, and allows the second scroll to dry, Lorn seals both scrolls and sets them on the corner of the desk, for dispatch, in their differing ways, in the morning.

He dips the pen again and adds a sentence to the draft of the scroll before him, then pauses before crossing out several words and penning in changes to the side.

The author's skill in portraying the humanity of characters who possess the power to destroy others with a thought adds a level of verisimilitude and immediacy rarely found in grand-scale fantasy.

Finally he puts up the brush, adds some grain to the feed trough, and closes the stall door.

He adds several blocks from the counter to the cheeses and places them beside the waterproof and saddlebags.

After pushing the cask-filled wheelbarrow back, he adds the water to the mortar and begins to mix.

He adds in pinches of several other herbs, tied in twisted squares of cloth, and a small stoppered bottle of liquid willow bark.

Then he adds the water to the kettle and flicks the clamps in place over the fill plate.

Rylla spoons her mixture into a small cup, then adds steaming cider and stirs.

There he lights the shavings, then slowly adds a shovel of the finer coal.

Videlt adds smoothly, brushing back the long brown hair off his forehead.

Cerryl adds, his voice conversational as he looks at the box on the small table, a box containing a gold-painted amulet.