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vb. (obsolete spelling of add English)

Usage examples of "adde".

Adde hereunto the ships and forces sent twise out of Spaine into Ireland vnder the pretext of the Popes name.

Madier de Montjau, who also arrived from the barricades, added to my report details of what he had seen.

Vaos slowly picks up the buckets and trudges to the pipe faucet Dorrin has added to the water line to the house.

Finally, he eases the kettle into place on the adaptor to the hanging iron he has added to the forge.

Dorrin scrambles up the rope ladder that has clearly been added by the salvage crew.

We have added another half-dozen ships to the trade blockade of Recluce.

Barrande has lately added another and lower stage to the Silurian system, abounding with new and peculiar species.

A new variety raised by man will be a far more important and interesting subject for study than one more species added to the infinitude of already recorded species.

These offsets must then be added to the purely geometrical differences, at each Mile, between the ten minutes of Great Circle actually run, and its Chord, the Line itself, each time increasing from zero to about twenty-one feet at the halfway point, then decreasing again to zero.

Soon sheds were added to the Limb-side Inns, serving as Depots for the Jobbers who buy direct from the Bud.

Pierre Lefranc added that there were three placards--one decree and two proclamations--all three on white paper, and pasted close together.

It must be added that all the information which came to us seconded him, and appeared conclusive against me.

All the Representatives present signed it, and they added my name to their signatures.

The decree of deposition taken up and counter-signed by us added weight to this outlawry, and completed the revolutionary act by the legal act.

They cut out a list of the names of the members of the Left, the names of those who were arrested were erased, and the list was added to the decree.