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n. (surname patronymic from=given names)

Addams (crater)

Addams is a crater on Venus. It was named after Jane Addams.


Addams is a patronymic surname of English origin from the given name Adam. There are other spellings. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Calpernia Addams (born 1971), American transsexual author, actress, and activist
  • Christian Hejnal Addams (born 1969) American producer & musician
  • Charles Addams (1912–1988), American cartoonist, author of “The Addams Family”
  • Dawn Addams (1930–1985), English actress
  • Jane Addams (1860–1935), American founder of the Settlement House movement
  • Jessicka Addams (born 1975), Italian -American artist, musician, and activist
  • William Addams (1777–1858), American politician, U.S. representative from Pennsylvania

Fictional characters:

  • “ The Addams Family”, American print cartoon by Charles Addams; and television series, films, and video games based on the cartoon, though the patriarch of the family is of Spanish origin

Usage examples of "addams".

He studied the best historical specimens of our species he could find, including Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Albert Einstein, Jane Addams, Eleanor Roosevelt, Albert Schweitzer, and he interviewed the most outstanding living people available to him at the time.

Jaguar Addams had been working for him for three years, but it was almost nine years since she had shown up in his office, very young, with no experience, but enough ego to balance out the deficit.

It involves the Addams woman merely by chance, and you were chosen because of your relationship with her.

I laughed along with her at The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Lucy Show, My Favorite Martian, The Addams Family, I Dream ofJeannie, and Get Smart!