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ADDA may refer to:

  • ADDA (amino acid), a non-proteinogenic amino acid
  • American Design Drafting Association

Adda may refer to:

Adda (river)

The Adda (Latin Abdua, or Addua; in Lombard Ada or, again, Adda in local dialects where the double consonants are marked) is a river in North Italy, a tributary of the Po. It rises in the Alps near the border with Switzerland and flows through Lake Como. The Adda joins the Po a few kilometres upstream of Cremona. It is long. The highest point of the drainage basin is the summit of la Spedla (a subpeak of Piz Bernina), at .

Towns along the river Adda include Bormio, Sondrio, Bellagio and Lecco (both on Lake Como), and Lodi.

Adda (South Asian)

An adda is a form of intellectual exchange among members, who were originally of the same socio-economic strata, but the process has democratized in modern times. It is most popular among the youths belonging to the so-called "middle-class intelligentsia". Although many Kolkatans boast of the city being the birthplace of adda culture, Satyajit Ray (in his film Agantuk) traces back the origin of the tradition to regular intellectual dialogues prevalent in Ancient Greece at the time of Socrates or Plato. Adda is a prominent leisurely activity in India and Bangladesh.

Adda was incorporated into the Oxford English Dictionary in 2004.

The Indian adda has shades of meaning attached to different languages:

  • In Hindi, adda is a noun, with the nominal form of the word meaning the location or nest of a group or community, usually shady people. The etymology can be traced to the original meaning of the word, which means the "perching spot or perch for birds".
  • In Bengali, adda is both a standalone noun and a noun in a noun - verb compound. The nominalization of the word has two senses - one being the Hindi sense, and the other being the place of ritual meeting and/or conversation of a group of people (i.e., a symposium or the 'Central Perk'). The verb form means informal conversation among a group of people, often for hours at an end, and usually accompanied by food. The Bengali institution of the adda has also been the subject of recent scholarly attempts to reconstruct alternative histories of modernity in South Asia.

In 2011, filmmakers Surjo Deb and Ranjan Palit made a documentary on the subject. The film, Adda: Calcutta, Kolkata has been screened at several festivals around the globe and won the Golden Palm Award at the Mexico International Film Festival 2012. The film drew parallels with the French salon culture at the turn of the 20th century and used the phenomenon of adda to create a city symphony film on Calcutta, exploring various subcultures of the bustling yet laid-back metropolis.

Adda (film)

Adda is a 2013 Telugu action film directed by G.Karthik Reddy and jointly produced by Chintalapudi Srinivasarao and A.Naga Susheela on Sri Nag Corporation banner featured Sushanth and Shanvi in the lead roles.

ADDA (amino acid)

(all-S,all-E)-3-Amino-9-methoxy-2,6,8-trimethyl-10-phenyldeca-4,6-dienoic acid is a non-proteinogenic amino acid found in toxins made by cyanobacteria. Toxins which include this amino acid are microcystin and nodularin.

Usage examples of "adda".

And I, in turn, asked Hosch and Adda to bring us suggestions to work with.

Logue and Adda had come Waving across to the illusory safety of the habitat.

Close to the rim of the ripped bark the wood was a pale yellow, the material looking much like that of the spear Adda had used.

The green fire scattered highlights from her limbs and face which made her look, Adda thought charitably, half-attractive for once.

Philas, her face drab and empty, her hair lying limply against her angular skull, looked to Adda as if she had nothing left to lose anyway.

Her companions were threaded along the trunk behind her, moving easily: the widow Philas apparently indifferent to her surroundings, Farr with his eyecups wide and staring, his mouth wide open and his chest straining at the thin Air, and dear old Adda at the back, his spear clasped before him, his good eye constantly sweeping the complex darkness around them.

And as Adda had said, the boy was probably safer with her than anywhere else.

Then Adda and Philas slid silently into the darkness, working across the Magfield by Waving and by clambering across the parallel tree trunks.

Even now, Dura could hear from outside the car, Adda continued to curse his savior.

Administrator studied Adda, Dura thought, as one might consider a leech, or a damaged spider.

Farr had closed his eyes he might have imagined he was listening to an old, time-beaten man like Adda rather than a boy at the start of his life.

How absurd, thought Adda, for these City people to close themselves away from the world in their boxes of wood and Corestuff, and then go to so much trouble to reproduce what could be found outside.

Farr and Adda there than if she stayed with the Human Beings as just another simple refugee upfluxer.

Upside, he called Muub and the old fool Adda to another meeting in the Palace anteroom.

Dura and Farr helping Adda, the three Human Beings made their way to Muub and his companions.