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Adak, AK -- U.S. Census Designated Place in Alaska
Population (2000): 316
Housing Units (2000): 884
Land area (2000): 122.353062 sq. miles (316.892962 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 4.932945 sq. miles (12.776268 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 127.286007 sq. miles (329.669230 sq. km)
FIPS code: 00065
Located within: Alaska (AK), FIPS 02
Location: 51.883419 N, 176.645061 W
ZIP Codes (1990):
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Adak, AK

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Adak (album)

Adak is İzel's debut studio album. It was released in June 1995. The album mainly has a Pop folk sound. Most of the lyrics were written by Ercan Saatçi.

Usage examples of "adak".

He carried the only concession to modem technology, a comm unit, for contacting Adak in Kilcoole and SpaceBase.

Bunny sprinted out of the shed as Adak was pulling on his headphones and picking up his microphone.

He radioed back for a pickup for them and the other survivors, and Adak was just talking to him as we came in.

Inside, Adak, headphones over his ears and microphone at his lips, was hunched over the radio.

No sooner had Bunny told Clodagh what Adak had said about Yana being in trouble and the shuttle crashing than Sinead had barged into the cabin, muttering that Yana was in trouble and she had to go help.

  I hate to think when they last made those, or what Adak traded to get a hold of one, but somehow he keeps it running," Sean said, and, his hand on her back again, he propelled her quickly toward the mechanic's crawl--through set in the main door.

  But I'll leave word with Adak when Johnny and I've done what's needful.

  Sean had been immediately hidden in Bunny's snocle, which had been decommissioned for the "summer" and stored in Adak O'Connor's garage.

  She'd had the first laugh in days when Adak reported that Howling had the base command howling complaints.

Whittaker said, urging Adak to the door and laying an arm across the man's shoulders as they departed.

  We've got to prove that our ways"--and he gestured to Adak, Yana, who managed a little smile at the compliment, and out the window toward Clodagh's house--"protect an environmental entity from abuse and misuse in the best interests of itself and the company which awakened it.

  Poor Adak seemed to shrink in on himself when he saw first Yana and then Sean pushed into the shuttle.

Well, we don't know yet how they come to know about us,' and Adak did not approve.

And the 'patient' - a Very Important Personage named Farringer Ball whose helpers seemed to think that even Adak Rourke would know who he was - was hitched up by tubes to the chair.

At that, us Petaybeans have more than we ever had before,' and Adak gestured proudly around the Cube.