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n. (initialism of accidental death and dismemberment English) n. (context games English) {{initialism of|(w Editions of Dungeons & Dragons#Advanced Dungeons & Dragons ''Advanced Dungeons & Dragons'')|lang=en}}

Usage examples of "ad&d".

At nightfall we went to the ball, at which the fandango might be danced ad libitum by a special privilege, but the crowd was so great that dancing was out of the question.

He is a perfect well of knowledge, but he quotes Homer and Horace ad nauseam.

It sound tike a go th, n ad mitt to himlf, butte had absolutely no proof.

From Tuesday, there were nine ads, six catalogs, a bill, notice of a cooking equipment sale, and a bulk-mail fundraising letter from Elk Park Prep.

Or you have provided me all the pronouns joked Zack, that knew or ad very or nde wanted to arrive Julie, seems to you that you could give a verb me that accompanies them?

I did not ask ad to him or nde thought to go, because he already had said that the less he knew to me, the more surely would be he.