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Acushnet may refer to some locations in the United States:

  • Acushnet, Massachusetts, a town
    • Acushnet Center, Massachusetts, in the town of Acushnet
  • Acushnet Company, golf equipment manufacturer
  • Acushnet Heights Historic District, New Bedford, Massachusetts
  • The Acushnet River of southeastern Massachusetts

Also, the first whaling ship on which Herman Melville served was the Acushnet.

Usage examples of "acushnet".

At any rate, he once more signed a ship's articles, and on January 1, 1841, sailed from New Bedford harbour in the whaler Acushnet, bound for the Pacific Ocean and the sperm fishery.

Melville had already heard stories about the Essex from the sailors aboard the Acushnet and closely ques­tioned the boy about his father's experiences.

Over the bridge from Fairhaven across the interflow of the harbor and the Acushnet River, New Bedford rose steeply from the docks.

Before that, he had lived with his wife and family in Acushnet, New Bedford, and so he knew nothing of the events which had preceded the Salem witch-scare.