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init. (context military US English) (w: Army Combat Uniform)


ACU may refer to:

ACU (Utrecht)

The ACU is an political-cultural venue in the city center of Utrecht, the Netherlands. The name ACU is derived from "Auto Centrale Utrecht" (Car Center Utrecht) and is one of the many signs of its origin as an old squat. Nowadays it is still run by volunteers to keep it an independent and non-profit harbor within Utrecht's nightlife. The ACU hosts a wide range of activities including: concerts, dance nights, political info nights, poetry events, benefits, parties, a venue for meetings and much more. It accommodates an vegan eatery called Kitchen Punx every Tuesday to Saturday.

Usage examples of "acu".

Di mente acuta e fisico gagliardo, in breve tempo conquistò il suo posto fra i ranghi dei Cavalieri.