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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
set off/trigger/activate the alarm (=make it start ringing)
▪ A window blew open, setting off the alarm.
▪ Less reciprocal discourse will also activate schemata.
▪ The away mode, as it adjusts the lights and temperature, also activates the security system.
▪ But we can also activate the cytoplast at the same time as the donor nucleus is introduced.
▪ The other option is to have it resident at all times but is activated only when you want a fax converting.
▪ The beam needs to activate only two of the five cells on the staff.
▪ The input cells are activated only by sensory input.
▪ The possibility that intestinal epithelial cells may produce platelet activating factor has been suggested by Kald etal.
▪ A Pessarane Behesht sleeper cell has been activated in London to assist you.
▪ So you can effect cell fusion without activating the oocytes if you do this in a calcium-free medium.
▪ Both cell types generated platelet activating factor activity and this was generally comparable for epithelial and lamina propria cells.
▪ It was not easy, however, to show whether, and to what extent, these cells were activated.
▪ The input cells are activated only by sensory input.
▪ Certainly both groups find that p53 levels rise following radiation, and this could specifically activate transcription of apoptosis-inducing genes.
▪ Its special property is that it can activate most of the genes that are required in the mature muscle.
▪ The content of platelet activating factor in pancreatic tissue was determined using bioassay technique with washed rabbit platelets as described previously.
▪ The significance of platelet activating factor in the gastric juice of healthy humans is still difficult to analyse.
▪ About 24 hours before assay the sample was placed in 80% ethanol to extract platelet activating factor from the tissue.
▪ These results suggest the involvement of platelet activating factor in the endothelin induced fibrinolytic activation and subsequently developed mucosal haemorrhagic lesion.
▪ These results indicate that platelet activating factor may be an important factor in the progression of acute pancreatitis provoked by caerulein.
▪ The level of platelet activating factor in the rat gastric mucosa was determined after the administration of endothelin-1 using a radioimmunoassay method.
▪ Lyso platelet activating factor and alkyl acyl glycerophosphocholine were not significantly higher in Crohn's disease than in controls.
▪ The role of platelet activating factor blocker in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease deserves investigation.
▪ For example, edges tend to activate the visual system more than areas of uniform brightness.
▪ When you try to activate these systems yourself, the body becomes aroused, which pushes sedation and ultimately sleep further away.
▪ It activated an automatic safety system, sending control rods down into the core of the plant.
▪ The away mode, as it adjusts the lights and temperature, also activates the security system.
▪ In certain rare circumstances, these vaccines could activate disease.
▪ The bomb's firing mechanism is activated by a time-clock.
▪ The manufacture of chlorophyll in plants is activated by sunlight.
▪ The process is activated by sunlight.
▪ The smoke activated the sprinkler system.
▪ Baking powder contains its own built-in acid, so it can be activated with just heat and liquid.
▪ Melanin producing cells in our bodies are activated by ultraviolet light from the sun and can have a protective effect.
▪ Room keys activate the temperature controls and turn on an entry light, so guests never enter a dark room.
▪ The different ways in which superantigens activate T cells casts light on the pathogenesis of infectious disease.
▪ The stun gun was applied to parts of her naked body and activated, the jury was told.
▪ Then, their ears protected against the piercing whine, they activated the suction pump.
▪ To be completely safe, he activated his automatic call-signal which would be picked up on the ground.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Activate \Ac"ti*vate\, v. t. To make active. [Obs.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1620s; see active + -ate (2). Related: Activated; activating.


vb. 1 To put into action, to put to work. 2 To turn on.

  1. v. put in motion or move to act; "trigger a reaction"; "actuate the circuits" [syn: trip, actuate, trigger, set off, spark off, spark, trigger off, touch off]

  2. make active or more active; "activate an old file" [ant: inactivate]

  3. make more adsorptive; "activate a metal"

  4. aerate (sewage) so as to favor the growth of organisms that decompose organic matter [syn: aerate]

  5. make (substances) radioactive


Activate is an independent student news organisation at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa. They produce a publication once a month and curate a news website.

Activate (album)

Activate is the fourth studio album by Back Door, released in 1976 by Warner Bros. Records. It was produced by Carl Palmer, known for his drumming in the bands Atomic Rooster and ELP. Original member Tony Hicks had left the band before recording the album and had been replaced by Adrian Tilbrook on drums. After the release of Activate, the band played less and less together, and eventually broke up around 1977.

Usage examples of "activate".

B-39 Peacemaker force has been tasked by SIOP with maintaining an XK-Pluto capability directed at ablating the ability of the Russians to activate Project Koschei, the dormant alien entity they captured from the Nazis at the end of the last war.

The deck tilted, and looking aft, it seemed the hundred-foot-long passageway was a stairwell, a ramp, inclined toward him, the lights no longer illuminating it, just some automatically activated battle lanterns.

He wandered up the aisles and activated the homely presence of the woman who served the dozen or so anachronistic places that were still scattered around Paris.

He realized Carialle had created the aural effect by activating only his left ear implant.

Tad and Bap helped him into it, and fastened to his belt the tools he would need and the film packs for the cameras he would be activating.

There had been rumors for the past four years centering on Pax Fleet forces chasing some heretic who had managed to activate the dormant farcasters.

In turn, the navpanel, activating neurons in the cochlear division of the eighth nerve, sent its stream of data directly into his brain where it was translated as sound.

It might activate only on your finger, although being a common spell, it would most likely be crackable by any thief with any ability at all.

The dehumanized servant stared for a moment out at him through the iron lattice, then activated the electric switch in the wall.

On May 6, 1982, almost two months to the day after the dinette bug was activated, Sal Ruggiero died in the crash of a chartered Lear jet off the Florida coast.

Without this advanced system of cable and pulley, diplodocus could have activated neither her neck nor her tail, and she could not have survived.

It was almost like when the Durancy assemblers had activated her, but this was not alien, foreign, like him.

Union itself activating those abandoned Earthward stations, convenient bases.

The electrician alertly moved to the forwardmost portion of the compartment, activated the bow spotlights, and opened the viewing port.

And with the glass face activated, Rachel would probably be electrocuted, too.