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init. (initialism of w:Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement English)


ACTA may refer to:

  • Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, an intellectual property trade agreement
  • Administrative Council for Terminal Attachments, a standards organization for terminal equipment such as registered jacks
  • Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority, in southern California
  • American Council of Trustees and Alumni, an education organization
  • Atlantic County Transportation Authority, a transportation agency in Atlantic County, New Jersey
  • Australian Community Television Alliance, an industry association representing community television licensees in Australia

Acta may refer to:

  • Acta (software), early outliner software
  • Actin assembly-inducing protein (ActA Protein), a protein used by the bacteria Listeria monocytogenes to propel itself through a host cell
  • A term used in the title of historical, ecclesiastic, or academic publications, such as:
    • Acta Arithmetica, a number theory publication
    • Acta Chemica Scandinavica, a Nordic scientific journal in the fields of chemistry
    • Acta Crystallographica, a family of scientific journals about crystallography
    • Acta Diurna, daily Roman official notices
    • Acta Sanctorum, hagiographical accounts of saints
    • Acta Senatus, minutes of the discussions and decisions of the Roman Senate
    • Acta Universitatis Sapientiae, a series of scientific journals edited by the Sapientia University
  • Manny Acta, manager of the Cleveland Indians in Major League Baseball
Acta (software)

Acta was a software program for creating outlines. It was originally developed for the Apple Macintosh and released in 1986. Acta started as a Desk Accessory, presumably to be used in conjunction with a Word Processor.

In 1987 Version 1.3 was bundled with MORE, which was at the time published by Living Videotext.

Opal, from A Sharp LLC, is the updated Mac OS X version of this software.

Usage examples of "acta".

In a paper published in Astronautica Acta in 1973 he points out that a ramjet built of aluminum could withstand a journey of 12.

In the acta of the convent which began to be recorded that night, the servant declared that a supernatural force had thrown her to the ground.

She enumerated a new list of extraordinary occurrences that had been cited in the acta and could be explained only as the consequences of shameless complicity between the girl and the demon.

The Bishop was grateful for the acta, but their lack of rigor interfered with the clarity of the process, and therefore the exorcist was to proceed according to his own judgment.

Although Delaura had sought the support of distinguished members of his own order and even of other communities, none had dared challenge the acta of the convent or contradict popular credulity.

In her presence he took apart the arguments in the acta and proved to the Abbess that none of them was conclusive.

He was a big man, fatter even than Acta, and he wore strangely constraining clothes: a tightly sewn jacket and trousers, heavy leather shoes, a hat stuffed with straw.

When Acta and Pepule found out they might even try to beat it out of her belly.

The Acta Archelai and the Homilies of Aphraates should also be specially examined.

Christopher Timmons was well published, but only two of his papers were listed in Acta Neurologica.

Generally each paper listed was accompanied by a brief summary, but there were none for the two Acta Neurologica papers, possibly because they were in such an obscure journal.

Christopher Timmons published in Acta Neurologica in the late eighties, and I was hoping you had copies.

Were the two papers in Acta Neurologica the entire story, or was she supposed to do more?

Romans not only had plenty of books but they had a manuscript daily newspaper, the Acta Diurna, which seems to have been a record of the proceedings of the senate.

Cicero mentions the Acta as a sheet in which he expected to find the city news and gossip about marriages and divorces.