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n. (plural of acre English)


n. extensive landed property (especially in the country) retained by the owner for his own use; "the family owned a large estate on Long Island" [syn: estate, land, landed estate, demesne]

Acres (surname)

Acres is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Adam Acres (1878–1955), Canadian politician
  • Basil Acres (1926–2000), English footballer
  • Birt Acres (1854–1918), American photographer and film pioneer
  • Bob Acres, fictional character in The Rivals
  • Isabella Acres (born 2001), young American actress
  • Mark Acres (born 1962), American basketball player

Usage examples of "acres".

The new Grand Prix course snakes through 35 acres once known as Bicentennial Park.

Those three acres will feed as many horses as heaven knows how huge an area of unseeded, uncared for, wasted pasture would feed.

Uncle Will, who owned thousands of acres and wanted to own a million, and who wound up as night watchman.

Saxon and Billy found time to diverge from the main county road and take the parallel roads through acres of intense cultivation where the land was farmed to the wheel-tracks.

Also, the ten acres have come pretty close to paying for the whole twenty, as well as for this house, and all the outbuildings, and all the pedigreed stock.

To-day he leases seven hundred acres and owns a hundred and thirty of his own--the finest orchard in the valley, and he packs from forty to fifty thousand boxes of export apples from it every year.

I know a Mexican there who is wild to sell his five hundred acres for fifteen hundred dollars.

Hall put Billy to work on the potato patch--a matter of three acres which the poet farmed erratically to the huge delight of his crowd.

They leased three hundred acres of peat land from a white man who preferred traveling in Europe.

Then he jumped in and leased twelve hundred acres at seven dollars an acre.

Last year he had four thousand acres in potatoes, a thousand in asparagus, five hundred in celery and five hundred in beans.

However, many of the great estates remained, five to ten thousand acres in extent, running from the Sacramento bank to the horizon dancing in the heat waves, and studded with great valley oaks.

A sturdy young orchard covered most of his ten acres, though a goodly portion was devoted to whitewashed henhouses and wired runways wherein hundreds of chickens were to be seen.

But I am certain, with a hired man to take your place helping your wife on her two acres of vegetables, that by the time you own the horses your three acres will feed, you will have all you can attend to.

To accommodate the 700-1,000 new residents arriving daily, a minimum of 300 acres of green space must be paved, also daily, for subdivisions, streets, schools, and shopping malls.