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n. (plural of acquittal English)

Usage examples of "acquittals".

If we are to test fairly the efficiency of the system, we must deduct from the thirty-four acquittals remaining the fifteen acquittals which were justifiable.

With only one or two exceptions they related not to deaths from violence reported as having occurred on any particular day, but to notices of convictions, acquittals, indictments, pleas of guilty and not guilty, rewards offered, sentences, executions, "suspicions" of the police, "mysteries revived," and even editorials on capital punishment.

A more elaborate table would show that where the defendants are men there are a greater proportionate number of acquittals, but more verdicts in higher degrees.

And for your information, Russell Black knows more law than the lot of you combined, not to mention the eleven consecutive acquittals on his record.

He'd been arrested sixteen times, with nine convictions, two acquittals, five dismissals.

Final score: 53 charges, 37 acquittals, three convictions and numerous deadlocks.

Dellray nodded, but coolly, and Sachs deduced that, as with Rhyme, the defense lawyer must've gotten acquittals for suspects that the agent had collared.