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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Acquisitor \Ac*quis"i*tor\, n. One who acquires.


n. one who acquires

Usage examples of "acquisitor".

By the time the acquisitor removed his thumb from the trigger, there was nothing left of the man.

Picking out a likely subject-a middle-aged man who looked more fearful than the rest-the acquisitor approached him.

Before the acquisitor returned his attention to the window, he noticed the looks exchanged between the guards outside the door.

The acquisitor tells him they are filled with seeds stolen from the Gnessis, an unaligned race equidistant from the Klingon Empire and the Federation.

There was little for me to do besides walk with the acquisitor and nod.

But the units were apparently incapable of creating Merkaan delicacies without a certain amount of reprogramming, and the acquisitor hadn't wanted to wait that long for a taste of home cooking.

He would lay at their owner's feet the kind of haul few acquisitors ever managed.

Spock was the Vulcan who had beamed aboard the Mananjani ten years before the one who had distracted the acquisitor while a pack of humans invaded his engineering level.

But even if the acquisitor was wrong about Spock-even if the Vulcan was telling the truth-it really didn't change anything.

As the acquisitor watched, the information was relayed to Spock, who continued to face the viewscreen.

Far better to head north, to lead Dreen away from the colonists, who could then implement Spock's plan without the acquisitor stumbling on them accidentally.

Obviously, the acquisitor had beamed well ahead of his mesirii-and with the help of his transporter technician, materialized close enough to Spock to use his disruptor.

Sooner or later the acquisitor himself would reappear and end the contest then and there.

And who would be a more logical choice as the triad's new second-in-command than Seemal Tezlin, who had served his acquisitor so admirably at Beta Cabrini?

In fact, they would probably have to linger here a while, until Acquisitor Dreen had tired of hunting the Enterprise's first officer.