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vb. (context archaic English) (en-past of: acquire)

Usage examples of "acquir'd".

But, during my absence, he had acquir'd a habit of sotting with brandy.

The latter was a shrewd, sagacious old man, who told me that he began for himself, when young, by wheeling clay for the brick makers, learned to write after be was of age, carri'd the chain for surveyors, who taught him surveying, and he had now by his industry, acquir'd a good estate.

I afterwards with a little painstaking, acquir'd as much of the Spanish as to read their books also.

We are told that it is proper to begin first with the Latin, and, having acquir'd that, it will be more easy to attain those modern languages which are deriv'd from it.

Soon, the water has acquir'd an unpleasant taste, metallic, sour, heavy with a reptilian Musk.

She loves me, the surest Pledge of her Virtue, and adds to this a wonderful Disposition to Learning, which she has acquir'd from her Affection to me.